went Birthday fishing today

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tracy Lauricella, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I spent my birthday today on a local hatchery-stocked lake, fishing with my wife from our canoe.

    We got on the water around 12:30 or so, since we both felt like sleeping in this morning. Unfortunately, there was very little activity for most of the day; I caught a 11.5" smallmouth while trolling a hale-bopp mohair leech, but that was about it other than a couple small trout in the late afternoon that my wife caught and released.

    About 6:30 though, the lake came alive with fish jumping all over, striking at emerging insects. It was like someone flipped a switch and all the fish woke up. Using an Adams dry fly, I caught and released 3 small cutthroat, then caught & kept a 12" cutt and a beautiful 17.5" cutt. Catching fish on a dry fly on stillwater is always fun, but when they're big cutthroat, even more so.

    Definitely a great way to spend my birthday.
  2. Nice! Happy B-day!
  3. Happy Birthday. Nice way to celebrate.
  4. Way to go....now that's a Happy Birthday.
  5. Nice way to celebrate, way to go! Happy Birthday
  6. Great birthday, sleeping in late and fishing. I like that plan.
  7. And big Happy Birthday to you.
    great report.

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