Went out today and had someone watch me and tweaked my form.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by sandspanker, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Thanks Forrest for the video

    Thanks James for to once over. It helped a bunch
  2. For us noobs, what a great help it is to get on the river with someone who knows what he is doing, has the patience and ability to verbally convey that skill. I too thank James Waggoner for generously sharing his time and spey ability with other WFFers. Dood, I at least owe you breakfast next we meet.
  3. Forrest, nice video work!

    Josh, keep up the basics...talk yourself through each cast and continue to critique yourself as you wait for the line to come to a hang down. Remember, while contemplating your last cast, it's not all about what your doing wrong, take the time to acknowledge what you did right.

    Enjoyed casting with you guys, Thanks!

  4. Both of you are the best students, a non-instructor type like myself, could ever ask for; you both listened well and "I know!" and "I can't" never came out of your mouths.

    thanks again, James.
  5. Thanks for everything James. you could of just laughed at me :) and said just pull your head out of your butt, but you didn't. That was very nice. Well next time I'll buy some coffee and maybe we can fight a few fish as well.
  6. The next time you guys have a spey clave minutes from my house, you should let me know. I need to shake some of the rust off. Listen to what James tells you about that river.
  7. rivers looking good.
  8. Sorry Mike Maybe we can do it again another day. you always say you are busy. So when would be a good time for you? James? Anyone else??
  9. I'm open to anyone who'd like to PM me...wouldn't care to attend an open spey event...I'm not the kind of guy who likes crowds. I like my fishing to be personal, and keeping it One -on- One (or sometimes Two) keeps it that way...infact the best time on the water is very lonely.

    Mike, That makes too of us, a pair of trained eyes on my casting stroke, would be more than appreciated. As far as "that river" goes...it's wet and the minuscule run starts and ends early...I'd skip that ditch...don't miss the boat next year! In reality if you're in SW Washington, your fishing the Sandy right now!

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