wesnatchee report!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bhudda, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Or a lack thereof
  2. That also.
  3. you guys are making me look less desirable in the eyes of some:) haha
    youngoldguy- i call the wenatchee the snatch' or snatchee' or in this case wesnatchee' :) sorry for the confusion. twisted english eh!
  4. The correct spelling is: Wetsnatchee
  5. I thought it was WetSnatchee?
  6. Ahh you beat me to it Evan. Damn your quick.
  7. im down w/ that!! MOIST:) say that a couple times, it sounds nice
  8. 'tis. Not to be confused with the Klitattack
  9. lol. my cousin calls it that, and the cowlips, zatzop, etc.
  10. Hmm. I have not heard that one but I like.
  11. Oh i'm so glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that.
  12. Humptulips.....no really not a typo or anything!

  13. Wrong again. It's the Humptwolips.
  14. Yes, but there is no need to mispronounce the river, like Wesnachee to put our minds in the gutter!
  15. Funny how some are critical of others at times and playing the game at other times, eh PT?
  16. Bumbles, go to hell
  17. Mumbles, be a bit more like a duck and let some water roll off your back now and then. I don't think you can because regardless of the topic someone said something at sometime that is etched in your memory and you point it out everytime. Good for the post count I guess. Type A? Just a guess.

    I'm with Old Man on this one.

    Now, I'll just wait for your response.
  18. It's been 4 minutes.....hmmmm.

  19. I've been single for a while now so getting my mind out of the gutter will take some serious effort.
  20. He's busy writing his next novel to post...... Either that or it will come in the form of a PM.

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