wesnatchee report!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bhudda, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. PT

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    Might have to bring the shotgun with critters like that swimming in the water.
  2. nick42

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    i know that spot! good water.
  3. Kelly Michelsen

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    Opening morning not a bump... Thusday aftrernoon 2 hookups 1 brokeoff the other ldr,1 16" whitefish,1 8" rb trout, Friday morning 1 hookup ldr
    so its great to be in the hunt for steelies again!!!!, strike indicator blck cone head leech swung at the end of the drift and then I was getting pretty agressive takes, hope that helps, the guys from Reds were swinging articulated flies see thier website.

  4. Richard Torres

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    Thanks for the post Flyfisher121.

    This post started with fishing, swam around in sex a bit (are we lacking gents??:clown: got that Fall spawning urge??) and now we're back to fishing..
  5. Sean Beauchamp

    Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

    i was there on the opener from 1pm to dark. down around Cashmere vis was pretty low, but as i worked up i found better and better vis. one foul hooked milting king, 3 squawfish (RIP) and another harder grab that turned the reel but didnt stick. probably the elusive 30" squawfish. possibly a steeltrout. all on a purple or black string leech and tips. maybe i shoulda brought the single hander and the bead rig and showed you boys how to put up numbers.

    didnt see another fishermen. thus i have no idea if others caught anything.

    saw your rig Buddha but you musta been downstream! i hiked up.
  6. TomB

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    next time please let the squawfish (northern pikeminnow) go (unless you plan to use them for something). they are a native wild species. They coevolved with our salmon and steelhead and both did just fine despite their presence. the only reason there is a sport fishing reward program for them on the columbia is because the dams have modified the habitat so much that their numbers are way above historical numbers in the mainstem, and the slow warmer water exacerbates this because it causes them to need to feed more (warmer water) and alows them to do so more efficiently (slow water). Neither of those factors are at play on the wenatchee. I caught 3 over the last 3 days and released all of them without removing them from the water (as I do with all natives).

  7. c1eddy

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    Tom, where do the Columbia River pikeminnows do their spawning?
  8. Gary Thompson

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    "Where do the Columbia River pikeminnows do their spawning?"
    The rewards would buy me a new boat.
    Sorry TomB, but I'm gonna kill'em all. Lousy smolt eat'in bassturds.
  9. stewart dee

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    I fished the Methow yesterday and it is a little early. LOTS of pressure out there!
  10. Trent

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    Anyone interest in sharing a ride over 2 tonightish (I'm thinking 2 or 3ish), I have to be back in marysville by 3:30 pm monday for work?
  11. Dan Soltau

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    One of the top WFF quotes ever, "The Wetsnatchee, not to be confused with the Klitattack."
    5 pages of useless reading, totally worth it for that. In Montana, we have the ilustrious Big Hole and Beaverhead.
  12. Dont forget the firehole too. :)
  13. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    i like the BIGHOLE!! has big browns in there:)
  14. Dan Soltau

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    ooh yes, how could i leave out the firehole! not to mention, bloody dick creek!
  15. Haha we got a whiskey dick creek over here. :)
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    Just want to point out the correct spelling is "Buddha", not Budda or Bhudda
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    Please pass the "Budda."
  18. bhudda

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  19. bhudda

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    GEEZUZ KRYST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey DUDE, its spelled JON, not john, or jhon, or yohan. my name is spelled BEE, ATE'ch, YOU, DEE, DEE , AYE- pronounced BOOO- DA, like the smoke, not the icon, net' nanny!
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    I knew a guy in college who drilled a hole in budda's head and belly and turned him into a bong. Budda died in a freak accident sophmore year when his owner thought he could get him over 100 meters high with over 200 bottle rockets and a roll of duct tape. We never found his head :(