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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jonbackman, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. jonbackman

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    Hey, everyone. I'm new to posting, but I've read posts on this site for awhile. I figure it's time I throw something in the pot. I moved out to West Seattle about a year ago, and I've been trying my luck out here at Lincoln Park and Lowman beach. Mostly for SRC's so far, but I'm really anxious for the silvers to get here. I split my fishing time between the flies and the lures, but I sure would like to become a more confident saltwater flyfisher. Anyway, just looking to spark some conversation about beach fishing in the area. Thanks to anyone who's interested.
  2. miyawaki

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    Keep going to Lincoln. There is tons of bait as well as kings and an occassional coho. Soon there will be lots of coho. Keep going and you can be there when they show up . . . or you can wait until you read it here and risk missing it altogether.

  3. Smalma

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    Jon -
    Leland is right - hit the first couple "ocean coho" yesterday in area 10 - they are on their way.

    Tight lines
  4. jonbackman

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    Thanks guys. I went to Lincoln last night just before sunset. Only fished for about 1/2 hour due to lack of light, but I saw one nice jumper. I plan to be there frequently in the coming weeks/months.
  5. Randy Knapp

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    Try low light at high tide at Lincoln for better chances.

  6. pcknshvl

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    I've seen jumpers within 10' of the rip-rap at the point at high tide. The problem, however, is high tide means no backcast room.

    I was working out with my two-hander this morning, mucking up my overhead casts, but getting off some pretty good Scandi style casts with a 44' floating head. And a popper. I think I have the high tide answer....

  7. House

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    I fished Lincoln Park for the two hours right after high tide on Friday afternoon. I'm still pretty new to flyfishing, and my casting technique resembles that of of a drunken baboon. However, I did manage to catch my first searun cutthroat on a fly! It was just a little guy--about 10". I was still pretty excited though. Of course, no one saw me catch the cutthroat, but several people saw the cast where the tip of my fly pole went flying off... :D

  8. fisher

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    When you go to Lincoln Park. Do you park at the parking lot on Fauntleroy, and walk through the park to get down to the beach, or is there another place to park closer to the beach?
  9. Raven

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    Yes and no.
  10. fisher

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    Can you give me a heads up on parking closer to the beach?
  11. Stonefish

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    It isn't that hard. Park at the parking lot closest to the ferry terminal (south end of the park) and walk down to the beach from there.
  12. Les Johnson

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    I used to live in West Seattle and fished Lincoln Park nearly every day through the summer and fall. If there is a reasonably robust population of residents plus a decent return of big northern coho you can expect good fishing through mid-October with cutthroat showing until Thanksgiving. Chinook fishing is usually spotty, even during the late winter through early spring, which is the best time.
    As for the walk from the south parking lot; if you are trying to avoid it, you probably really need the exercise.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  13. fisher

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    Thanks for the info guys. Not trying to avoind the walk, just want to make sure I'm in the right area.
  14. Dylan D

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    If your backcast hits the diving board, you're in the right area.