West Sound 12/24?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rob Ast, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Rob Ast Active Member

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    I'm pretty new to the game (fishing since spring, in the salt 3-4 times around Bainbridge and Point-no-point) and was looking for suggestions for where to go in the Kitsap/hood canal area tomorrow (12/24). Even better would be someone who doesn't mind a newbie tagging along. Any suggestions are welcome, feel free to PM me if you don't want to reveal too much on the board. Thanks for the help:thumb: , and I'll post a report when I return.

  2. ibn Moderator

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    Sorry I'm not going to get too specific...

    Get your map, fill up your gas tank, and go out and check out some of the small creeks that flow into the s. hood canal and go explore.

    Don't limit yourself to the hood canal to, there is some cool water around Allyn and the S. Puget Sound.
  3. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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  4. South Sound Member

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    Go talk to Troy at Northwest Angler. He should be able to give you some good spots closer than S. Hood Canal.
  5. Phil Fravel Friendly

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    Catching fish is the bonus of salt water fishing. You'll find out the rest later just go. Good clue is to fish beaches with rocks the size of softballs or smaller
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    If you live on the Kitsap Peninsula you may want to look into joining the Kitsap Fly Fishers (I believe this is the correct name). I gave a program for the club some years back and it was a great bunch of folks. I believe they met in Silverdale but don't trust my recall on this. Many of them are retired military though and have time to fish a lot.
    There are many active fly-fishing clubs around Puget Sound from Olympia to Bellingham and in between. I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to learn more about local fishing, joining conservation projects, going on club outings (which always are a great time), or just meeting people who will be pleased to take you along fishing, look into joining a club.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
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    Here is the website
    I am not a member, but they are a good group of guys. When I went to the meeting, I noticed that most of the guys were retired. None my own age.
  8. Rob Ast Active Member

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    I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I did talk with Troy at NW anglers, and hit one of the local sites he suggested. Tides and daylight didn't match well, so the skunk was on. Still great to be fishing in 60 degree weather.