Western Travels 2010...

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  1. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    that was one hell of a cool report........nicely done.
  2. NDflyfisher Member

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    Thanks for posting. That was a fun report to read. I've spent some time at most of those places so your report really brought back a lot of memories.
  3. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    Holy crap, I actually shivered while reading this. Nice job, most of us can't find a way to do trips like this.
  4. Grayone Fishin' to the end, Oc.P

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  5. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    I imagine that is quite a shift from the Toccoa and Chattahootcie (sp?) Rivers and those little bumps they call mountains in north GA. And there aren't many bear in north GA that will eat you for supper either. Of course, you've got those big 100 lb whitetail deer and some big gray squirrels up there...

    Great trip report and beautiful photos.

    Go you Silver Britches.
    UGA alum 1990
  6. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Holy COW!!! what a trip and nice report an great pictures. What a dream time. Hope all the rest of you can come close to doing that one, too late for me.
  7. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!!
  8. GABoy Member

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    Glad yall enjoyed it... I had a blast. 3 states, 1200 miles, and 3 different types of cuts in 11 days!!!

    Yeah, just a LITTLE different from the Hooch and Toccoa!!!! Especially Henry's Fork... BUGS EVERYWHERE!!!! Not used to that around these mostly infertile SE waters!!! Just such wide open country out there!!!

    Glad to see another Dawg fan on here!!!! Season opener in less than 9 hours!!!

    Go Dawgs!!! Sic Em!!!

  9. GABoy Member

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    And Bob, it's never too late!!!!!
  10. Rob Ast Active Member

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    What a sweet trip. How was the Jeep as a tent/travel vehicle?
  11. GABoy Member

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    It wasn't too bad actually. I was trying to get a 4wd Cherokee, but they were all rented out. All they had left were the premium SUVs or the Wrangler.

    Luckily it was a 4dr 4wd model with a 60/40 split rear seat. I folded the 60 portion of the back seat down, stuffed some clothes in the gap that the seat made, and put my thermarest and sleeping bag on that.

    It slept fairly well... I'm 5'10 and could almost fully extend out. Any taller and it may have been a little tight though. I kept my fishing gear in the bed behind the seat that wasn't folded down and my duffel bag in the rear seat.

    Some rope across the roll cage up front and in the back made a nice rod holder... With a few improvements along the trip, it worked really well.

    Definitely a cool rig. It came with satelite radio and a removal hard top. I think it's called the Freedom Top... Or something like that. It allowed you to just remove portions of it, kind of like t-tops or something. Pretty cool stuff and didn't leak at all... Which is always nice!!!

  12. PT Physhicist

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    Awesome report! Thanks for taking the time.
  13. cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

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    That's the adventurous spirit!! Nice mix of descriptive text, scenery, and fish porn.

  14. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Wow, that was a pleasure to read. Right now I can only dream of a trip like that. Trip reports don't get any better than this. Thank you for sharing!