Western Washington Musky/pike

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Kirk Estlick, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Kirk Estlick

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    Hey all,

    Wondering if there are some options for shore fishing for pike/musky anywhere within an hour of North Bend! I am already taking two guided trips for bows/cutts and SRC's, but was hoping someone would throw me a bone or too for some toothy guys that can be fished from shore. I heard there are some lakes downtown that might have them, but due to my lack of access to a boat I am unsure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. rory

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    I have a canoe. You are welcome to the open seat if you want to go after big toothed predators. I don't know where any are though.
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  3. Kirk Estlick

    Kirk Estlick Active Member

    Appreciate the offer, but I am unsure of where they can be located! If I did I would take you up on that. I am flying out tonight (Wednesday) at 850 and still debating whether or not to bring the 8wt or just stick with the 4 and 6. Decisions....Decisions!
  4. Gary Thompson

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    WDFW I believe has listings for lakes and what kinda fish are in them, I think.
    Post a report when you figure it out.
  5. brettgaba

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    i got this response from a fisheries biologist a few weeks ago:

    Here in Washington, northern pike are actually a major threat to native species where they have become established http://wdfw.wa.gov/ais/esox_lucius/. Believe it or not, they found their way through the river systems from Montana, and are now firmly established in Box Canyon Reservoir (Pend Oreille River System, connecting to Columbia). We are currently working with the Kalispel tribe to reduce the numbers of pike in Box Canyon with gillnets, which will likely turn this fishery into a "fewer, but bigger" trophy opportunity, which benefits anglers and salmon/trout.

    The good news is that WDFW stocks tiger muskie into a number of waters in the state. Tiger muskies are a hybrid between northern pike and true muskie, and are completely sterile. Thus, we can have this trophy opportunity in select places with biological control mechanisms in place. The closest place to catch tiger muskie on the westside is Lake Tapps, down in Pierce County....great tiger muskie fishing. You're lucky to catch 1-2 a day, but the size is what gets people excited (40-50 inches, as adults). I am working on opening up a tiger muskie opportunity in the northwest corner of the state, but there is a lot of groudwork to lay first, which will take a year or two. For more tiger muskie/pike info, go here http://wdfw.wa.gov/ais/html/esox_lucius/npike_vs_tiger_muskie.html

  6. Kirk Estlick

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    Regardless of others opinions, pike/musky are my favorite fish to target on the fly, that will be until I target some saltwater species. I knew about Lake Tapps, but I haven't been there in 10 years, so I'm unsure of shore access. I will most likely hold off on targeting them, and just plan a trip to NM, or southern Utah for them.
  7. 1woody

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    let me know if you get any good leads, I have caught them in Michigan, they are a lot of fun!
  8. snoopy-pole

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    there are pike in a local lake around Auburn most between 20 and 30 inches they are a blast.
  9. ribka

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    A bit farther but if you can get over to Curlew Lake many Muskie are being spotted there. Be out at first light