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    I had a party to attend in Jackson Hole last Saturday, and was in Minneapolis the week before, so rather than coming home for a few days and flying off again, I decided to pack a fly rod and spend a few days fishing in western Wyoming before the festivities on the weekend.

    I could tell from the air that the Snake river was high and muddy, so I headed south, where some friends have a ranch south of Pinedale, to see if I could find some water to fish. They also had a very good snow year and a cool wet spring.

    I drove up the Hoback River (first pic), which looked a lot like the Snake, but smaller, then tried a couple of tribs, such as Granite Creek (pic 2). No go there, so over the Hoback Rim and into the Green River drainage. The Green at Warren Bridge was also blown out (pic 3, taken down river a few miles from the bridge). I drove up the North Fork Horse creek road, thinking a small trib here might be clear. No such luck (pic 4).

    The next day, my friends at the ranch suggested a couple of streams that flow out of the south end of the Wind River range. Big Sandy Creek (pic 5) at Buckskin crossing was high, but clear, so I spent a few hours there on Thursday morning with no luck. That afternoon I continued south to the Sweetwater river (pic 6) headwaters where they come out of the mountains. It was also high but fishable where it wandered through willow-lined flats. Thunderstorms were threatening, so I left my camara in the car. Ah, cruel fate! I caught a nice 14" brown trout in the deep pool under the willows in the pic (I went back afterwards with my camera to get a pic of the stream).

    I returned to the ranch that evening and had the best fishing of the trip casting to small brookies rising to emerging mayflies and caddis in the small spring fed creek running through their hay meadow (pic 7).

    On Friday, I drove up Labarge creek in the southern Wyoming range (pic 8) and down the Grey's river (pic 9) hoping to find some native cutthroat, but again only found blown out, mocha-colored rivers.

    The party was fun and I saw a lot of beautiful Wyoming landscape that I hadn't visited for years. However, I'll need to plan a trip around fishing if I want to hit the water right!
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    well i'm glad you scoped out labarge for me. that saves me a trip just to be disappointed. we scoped the smith's fork river in southwest wyoming the other day and it looked a lot like most of your pics, high and muddy.
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    Mike -
    Up high in the drainage, in Labarge Meadows, the water was high, but clear. I fished there for a bit, but without much conviction. It might be worth a shot.
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    That's a lot of snow water. You think it would let up after a while, but no...
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    Nice report! Richard

    Although the blown out is not a good news, but I do enjoy reading the diary-type plans and strategies. Good read! Thanks for sharing!