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  1. I don't very often fish Westside lakes, usually opting for the lakes on the dry side. However, I needed to get out, but only had a few hours to fish, so I hit one of the wet side lakes.

    The water temp was in the low/mid 40's, so not too warm. When I initially arrived, there was a nice little breeze creating a great 'chironomid chop', but the breeze picked picked up mid-day.

    Within 3 minutes of my chironomid hitting the water, I was in to a nice 14" bow. Within the next twenty minutes, I caught another and missed a fish, caught another, then things went quiet. The wind picked up, windy enough that my anchored pram wouldn't stay in place if I stood up. The fishing/catching shut down. Some time later, I noticed the swallows working a particular area, and I decided to investigate.

    I discovered some very nice fish picking off emerging midges. I immediately missed a fish, then brought to hand a beautiful 18" bow that looked and fought like a Central Washington rainbow. I caught a half dozen more in the next hour, from 16" to 20", missing or losing several more. These fish were all very scrappy, in great shape, and very spunky. One gave me several jumps in the 2-3' range, one time almost jumping in to the pram. Several fish I lost because immediately after hookup they scorched right towards me, and I just couldn't strip fast enough to keep them tight on the line.

    I noticed some really large fins sticking up out of the water of a very nice fish working the shallows, reminscent of a bonefish feeding on a flat. I put the sneak on it, tossed my subsurface midge, and almost immediately was in to a powerful fish. A tussle later, I brought to hand a stout carp in the 22-24" range. I noticed some other similar fish finning along the shore, put the sneak on it, presented my midge, with a grab just a few seconds later. This was a very powerful fish, and a quick 15' surging run later my fly popped out. Didn't get to see it, but . . .

    I missed a couple more rainbows, and then had to run to make sure I picked up my daughter from pre-school in time. When removing my little midge from my line, I discovered the reason for the last few misses; the carp had bent out the hook on my little midge!

    On the water at 11:30, off the water at 3 pm; pretty productive day! Of course, I left the camera in the Jeep (which is probably why I DID have a good day . . . ).

    I have a whole new appreciation for wet side rainbows now!
  2. Wow. Bows and carp all in he same water! Great report, thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice report Richard, sounds like a great day. What color midge were you using? How long of a leader? How many miles did you drive frome your house AND did you have to hop on a ferry??:rofl: BTW, I am not the least bit interested in the NAME of that lake!!
  4. Don't tell anybody the name of the lake or it will look like Lenice the next time you go.
    Still water will get as tight lipped as moving water.
  5. Richard, nice to hear you are
    getting out and fishing. Wish I was.
  6. I bet it was Green Lake :lol:
  7. I'm glad you said it, because I didn't want to go there. :clown:

    --Dave E.
  8. If you grew up there, 1/2 mile from the South and then the North end[circa late 50-60's] played every sport possible down there, caught your first trout there, swam across it when you couldn't swim worth a S..., got lucky enough to 'watch' the submarine races when old enough to drive...well maybe you would want to go there! I did and didn't know how great it was until those days passed by. Every year for one day, a couple of weeks after they plant the Trips, I go back there and fish it for a morning and actually catch an ocassional fish! OK, now someone come and trash me for my little nostalgic trip down memory lane! BTW... there is NO better place for 'sightseeing' fishing close to the path when the sun is out...NONE!!!
  9. last time I was at green lake there were a ton of rainbows rising....
  10. Great report Richard. Glad you got out and did some fishing and catching!

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