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    Yesterday, I met Richard Stoll at his home in Poulsbo and we drove to Chimicum to meet Bob Triggs at Farms Reach Cafe, a terrific bakery with simple but good breakfasts. It was warm, bright and sunny all day. We fished the Cut on the outgoing tide where we turned over quite a few smallish fish then began to connect with some nice fish after the tide set up. I caught one 15 incher and lost it while getting it to pose for Bob. Richard caught a nice one a few minutes later then Bob caught a solid 18 incher. After a lunch lubricated by liberal amounts of Jack Daniels and punctuated by some good cigars, we sat down in the shade to talk fishing, politics and world peace. Some of us took a nap. Next was Pt. Townsend State Park and Kala point - both fished well but nobody was home.

    Leland. photo.JPG 936193_10200197830972423_100815959_n.jpg

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  2. Joe Goodfellow

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    Nice one
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    Looks like you guys had an amazing day in all respects. Good friends, good fishing, good booze and cigars, good conversation and a nap to boot. That's my kind of day!
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    See, contrary to what some on the forum think, politics and fish do mix. My wife happened by while I was reading this post and asked why everyone had their hands down their waders ;). Looks like a swell day, thanks for sharing!
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    Leland does have the fishing day nap down to a science. Richard has fishing stories from around the world too. It is a treat to fish with these guys for a day. Spring and fall are my favorite times of year here, especially for sea runs. It has become inscrutably hot and sunny, so early in the year. It feels like July already! My bones are very happy. But I am looking forward to the refreshing snows of June-u-ary to temper this anomaly. Regardless of tides, I will look at dawn and dusk, while we are in this heat spell, for my best fishing. Yet it is hard to argue with a willing trout, under a bright mid day sun, in a few feet of water. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com
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    The fish photo looks fantastic, the background looks like a cool mosaic- are there filters on that image Leland or did it just come out that way?
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    Just came out that way off my iPhone. Dappled sunlight. I've had some interesting pics come off it.

  8. dryflylarry

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    Looks like a great day. My favorite day with hot sun is under a shade tree too!
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  9. Bob Triggs

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    Another view of the same fish.

    5-3-13Leland&rich 013.JPG

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    Where I come from, we call you guys beach bums.
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    Nice day!

    Now fishing Kala Point.... This is a spot I need to put a little effort into gaining foot access to.
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    Went west alright but not as far west as my beginning post. Not bragging Bob, but I pitched a no hit shutout.