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Discussion in 'Events' started by jessejames, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. jessejames Flyslinger

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    We are opening our shop on Saturday November 19 at 9.00 am. The shop is located in the Riverwalk Building on the Spokane River at Trent and Hamilton. The address is 1003 E Trent Suite 145. Come in the main entrance to the building and we are right across the hall from the Northern Lights Brewery. At the north end of the building is the Dry Fly Brewery.
    We will have Sage, Redington, Simms, Rio, C and F boxes, Tibor reels and Ross Reels. We will have Outcast boats on display and we will have our Outcast guide raft in the parking lot.
    Our tying department is the best in the region all of the traditional material and a lot of new exciting stuff to see.
    We will have 70 fly rods on display and a nice casting lawn right out the back door on the river.
    Come and check us out we are looking forward to seeing you.
    John Clark Cutthroat King
    Jesse Clark Jesse James
    Kevin Inui Spokane Fisherman
  2. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Right next to two breweries...too funny.

    When the Mrs. and I head over for Christmas we'll stop by and visit...take care.
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    John, Jesse, Kevin...I've not actually met any of you yet but have had great intereactions with all three of you through this great site. When in Spoke-bekistan I'll be looking for your shop. Best wishes on a great grand opening and many successes.
  4. cutthroatking screw work lets fish

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    It the perfect spot for a shop Roper.Other than fish what do fly fisherman and women do.Drink.
    Thanks Ed Ihope to see you there.
  5. tpugliese New Member

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    Cool, I'm heading to Spokane Friday night for the weekend, was going to hit Cabela's while over there but now I'll have a new destination...or two.
  6. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    Lookin forward to the opening!! I like the easy access from i-90 and both the brewery are top notch! BTW, i have caught a fish very close to your shop :)
  7. SpokaneFisherman Member

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    A Message to my friends

    As two skilled craftsman who have spent years in the trades, John and Jesse will be the first to tell you that there is a satisfaction that comes from building something. Starting with an empty space and raw materials and turning it in to a home or an office. Perhaps the only greater satisfaction than doing it for someone else is doing it for yourself.

    The concept that has become Westslope Fly Shop began as a whisper well over a year ago. The course has been tumultuous and circuitous. Often times the idea seemed to fade from the horizon only to be reborn in another form. But through it all one thing persevered... A passion for Fly Fishing.

    John and Jesse's desire to share their passion was the reasoning behind Westslope Fly Shop. That passion has fueled their vision and allowed it to emerge.

    I would like to thank my friends for allowing me to join them on this journey. I would also like to wish them the greatest success as they open their doors tomorrow. But in the end they've already succeeded... They've chased their dream and created something from nothing.
  8. Denny Active Member

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    I'm presuming open on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving? What are your hours that day and over the weekend?

    Thanks, fellas! Hope to see you.
  9. jessejames Flyslinger

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    Denny we will be open 9am to 7pm Friday and Saturday 11am-5 pm on Sunday.
    Drop by and see us. We will even welcome "wetsiders".
    Team Westslope
  10. Blake Harmon Active Member

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    I missed this but look forward to meeting you guys and checking out the shop!

    Until then,