Wet and Wild in Western Washington

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Upton O, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Had a great duck hunt with a buddy this morning. We put out 170+ decoys, waited for shooting time but then sat back and watched a great duck show for a half hour before firing our first shot. Ended up with 13 drakes (widgeon and mallards) and one widgeon hen. (don't ask). Got good and soaked, too. There are thousands of ducks in the area but it's hard to find access. But when you do...
  2. Man looks like one great day! Wont ask your secret location but always good to see the lapfull of birds shot:beer2:
  3. Well done! I'm finding western Washington ducks to be better educated every week. Maybe I need more decoys. What kind of loads were you shooting?
  4. We were using 3 inch 2's and 4's in Faststeel. We only shoot at birds close in since getting them to decoy is 85% of the fun. We've seen some migrating birds but I believe most have been in the area for a few weeks now. They are definitely getting a bit more wary. There is a lot of pressure on them in the location this hunt took place. Lot's of people sky-busting which always makes me happy...:mad:

    As for the large decoy spread, we use an atv with a custom trailer to haul the decoys to the hunting area. I'm getting a little too hold to hump a bunch of heavy decoys two or three hundred yards. Maybe I'm getting smarter as I age.

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