Wet side Special Regs Lake Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Go Fish, May 1, 2011.

  1. What a day! Sunny, warm-ish and the
    reason for fishing--- DFA (dry fly action).
    Got to the lake by 10 and got a few on
    brown leeches but that wasn't what
    we wanted.

    I'm tired of dragging buggers
    and leeches.

    About 11:30 this caddis
    hatch starts...they are in my nose, ears,
    under my glasses and a few fish are coming
    up. Well these bugs are size 20 to 24 and there
    is no way in Gorst am I going to match this hatch.

    So I cast out what should be hatching as the water warms,
    A size 10 adams. First cast whamo, then the mayflies start to
    show and the feeding frenzy is on. Over a dozen fish to hand, with a
    toad (18+) throwing the hook on its second jump. When John said
    that fish is photo worthy I new it was gone.

    One of the fish I hooked came shooting straight at me
    and jumped over my right shoulder. I ducked as it went by.

  2. Nice report Dave. No way in Gorst! That is catchy.
  3. Thanks Ed, I'm still smiling.


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