WFF backpacking meet. (brainstorm thread)

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Dustin Bise, May 3, 2009.

  1. Ok lets do this!

    Im thinking august? Post dates that might work for you and potential locations and we can discuss this. I realize that there is alot of commitment to the wilderness and fishing on this board and I think it could be great fun! How about we put it in the cascades so the location is nice and central. Thinking 3 nights, meet at a trailhead on a friday, hike in sat morning, hike out the following monday, and back to work on tuesday?
  2. any time in august is good for me. i go back to school on September 2nd.

    only 3 nights you baby. jk i think that is a perfect about of time. i can't think of any good trail heads at the moment, but ill sleep on it and post what i dream up. it is super easy for me to get off work, so thats not a problem. some trial head only allow a certain number of people to go in a group. i don't know how big this could get, but there will need to be alot of room for tents and other stuff, that you always bring and never truly need.

    i hope this takes off because tha idea rocks
  3. Im down but late august would better
  4. I'm down. Anytime Aug works for me.
  5. I'm good for anything in August except the weekend of the Outdoor Retailer nightmare, my presence is required.
  6. whick weekend is that?

    So far sounding like 3rd weekend in august could work.

    Ill start doin some reasearch on trails that can accomodate a decent number of tent sites/has some fishing potential.
  7. new to the forum but this idea rocks i know im in and a buddy of mine would most likely go also.
  8. Turns out the OR show's in July this year, so any time in Aug would probably work for me.
  9. Well im thinking possibly something up in the high end of icicle creek. That drainages has access to a number of high alpine lakes and loads of trail systems. Shoot out any ideas yall have.
  10. Before you go that route, consider whether or not the road will be repaired this season--I'm not sure if we know that yet.
  11. If I lived in Washington, I'd check out the area north (Beaver Drainage I thinks it's called) from Ross Lake in the Cascades. Just a thought.
  12. my womans got a condo in leavenworth, that place is beautiful up there in icicle creek.
  13. leavonworht is a beutiful town if yall havent been there its like a little cottage with bright colors and tons of rafting adn fishing oppertunities in town, so if wee hiked out of there we could find alot of mountian creeks:D

    ill research later and post what i find, hopefully some pics:D
  14. I think Allison should be the leader. I read her gear list, and she's organized and got her hiking act together. I'd probably forget matches to start my stove.

  15. HA ya no joke without her we'd probably forget a lot of things and only bring a tent our poles and flies and thats right you guessed it! BEER:beer1: hahah:beer2:
  16. no worries i can tteach u how to build a fire without matches, but u gotta do the grunt work!
  17. Pretty unlikely we'd go anywhere where fires are allowed unless the Chelan Sawtooths seem interesting. Long drive, but very few rules.
  18. bawling: no roasting marshmallows!
  19. No, boys, let's talk about this. If fires are super-important, we may need to find a place where they are allowed. For the Wilderness areas, it's below 4K on the west slope and 5K on the east, so there's that, or somewhere not protected, like the Chelan/Sawtooth area. Long drive, but very nice place. It might make sense to do a three dayer to allow for the extra drive time. Tell me what's most important to you in terms of the trip, and I'll come up with something good. A bonus to the Chelan Sawtooths is that area grows fish pretty well, pretty consistently. Without disclosing further details, I do have access to some stocking information in the high lakes that can be useful. If you are looking for top secret info on a super productive zipperlip lake, look elsewhere, but I can help pick a good spot.

    One thing I'd expect is we would have to be a small group, say 8-10 regardless of the regs. Less impact in the high country is better for all. If this thing gets some momentum, it's perfectly easy to do two trips, either two different weekends, or two different destinations.
  20. If'n it was me, I'd skip the fires and start picking Allison's brain. She may have ideas for some fair spots to fish.

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