WFF backpacking meet. (brainstorm thread)

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Dustin Bise, May 3, 2009.

  1. i agree we should cap it at 10 people or so esp if we decide on a wilderness location. I would say the criteria should include.

    a lake that has fish for at least 1 camp.
    stream in some area of the hike.
    stay in washington (since its WFF)
    no 8000+ foot elevation days
    somewhere that we could have a group fire at night would be great for the social aspects.
  2. Fire, no fire, either way. I'd just hope for a good hike and worthy destination for the experience.
  3. :iagree: fires arn't that important, theres plenty of time for socializing
  4. I'd be interested in going. There are so many possibilities. How about the Goat Rocks. I've never done it but this hike up to Surprise lake offers fishing at the lake and also offers up the East Fork of the Tieton River. For people that wanted to head on up to Conrad Basin, that could be done as well. I have gone in another way to Snow Grass Flats and Old Snowy, and the area is really quite spectacular.
  5. "that hike" looks nice, i would be interested in going up to conrad basin
  6. any ideas sound good to me as long as we're catchin fish and havin a fun time!
  7. Lots and lots of possibilities. The Chelan area sounds cool and I've never hiked there. Might be pretty hot in August. Lots of possibilities in the Olympics as well but not as centrally located for people on the east side. The Olympics can be a good place to escape the heat of August. Let's here more ideas.....................
  8. If high lake fishing is the objective, that should supercede having a campfire. Even in areas where campfires are allowed, they probably shouldn't be. I've been in the Chelan Sawtooths once; it was very hot.

    I'm in the process of converting to light or ultra-light backpacking, so I'd be interested in hiking with people that combine hiking light with fly fishing, since the fishing always adds weight and bulk to the pack. And I haven't had my Curtis raft wet in 3 or 4 seasons. That seems criminal.

  9. I've spent the last few years updating all my backpacking gear to light/ultralight. I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle between the two. I don't regret it at all. It's really made the hiking aspect of it so much more enjoyable and the camping aspect of my trips hasn't suffered at all.
  10. i normally do NOT have fires so its fine with me to pick a fire free location. I will give this 1 week more for brainstorming, then ill hold a vote to decide the final location. that way we can get on with further planning and people can offically mark there calenders.
  11. Only one week? It's only mid-May.
  12. doesnt seem that outlandish. its just givin people a chance to get some ideas togather so we can have a vote and discussion to decide the place. is there something currently goin on for you that makes one week to soon?
  13. I'm not interested in committing to a trip so long before the high coutnry is all melted out. That said, it appears that you are choosing to be the brains behind the operation here, so do what you wish. If the dates and location work out for me, I will try to attend. I had misunderstood the remarks of others on this thread.
  14. im not sayin everyone needs to RSVP right now, i just want to move things forward and keep this idea alive. planning it all out is a long proccess which is why i want to get the ball rolling early.
  15. ya it IS only mid may haha we have a few months and im sure if people are really commited they arent going to flake out.
  16. Looks like this is turning more into a party location (destination) than it is a backpacking/fishing trip.
  17. why:beer2:? if that is all then ill be able to keep it at least one guy sober. even if it is a big party where you don't get up till 9{:D} because its to early then how cares as long as you have fun. you can still fish dusk!
  18. i asked him this in PM as well and all he did was basically tell me im an asshole. There is no reason to assume that this is going to be a party destination camping trip as opposed to a backpacking trip. My reason for wanting to do this are to meet and fish with some likeminded people, and to put togather a trip that might help some less experienced hikers get there bearings and hopefully fall in love with the wilderness like many of us already have. If you don't like the idea of backpacking in a social group (i know some people hate people and go to the wilderness to find solitude) then you need not attended. if on the other hand you want to meet some people, try to catch a few fish, and drink some whiskey under the stars and share out love of nature then this will be for you. im going to be posting the locations that im considering next weekend and until then if you have some postive suggestions feel free to post up!
  19. im up for it, i told my mom and she said maybe, but i can be at my dads on that weekend;)
    and he will let me. i will be going even if it is just me and 1 other, i really don't care if its a party or not. parties are fun, don't come and be a party pooper, and don't rain on the parade. i didn't go on the hoh down but there were plenty of pictures of drinking and having fun. if it wasn't going to be fun i wouldn't go. but really how can fishing not be fun?!
  20. "Destination" meant that had a location picked out, regardless of the fishing and I believe the other kid called himself an asshole. My PM wasn't even close to that. If that's what he wants to believe he is, so be it.

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