WFF backpacking meet. (brainstorm thread)

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  1. Just a word to the wise. Zen's probably forgotten more about the back country than the rest of you will ever know. It would be advisable to listen.
  2. The teachings of the Zen are what made me a Master. I agree Zen knows more than anyone Ive ever met on here.
  3. wow this thread and idea have became more of an argument if you're just going to argue and be immature and call names then dont bother wrighting on here, thats my 2cents worth:ray1:. besides that im down with whatever fishing drinking having fun so sign me up.
  4. Ignore the little bit of dust up and go back to planning the trip
  5. I'd like to possibly add myself to the list, aug might be difficult for me as I'm planning to meet up with my brother somewhere on the PCT (he started at the mexican border a few weeks ago) and join him for a day or two.

    If you can handle a terrible fly fisher, and perhaps out of shape person, I'd love to join. Need to meet some fishing folk.

    If it's a few months out I might even have my packraft built, that'd be cool.

    Maybe set some ground rules, well not rules, but without something said I might show up with a spin reel as backup and a stringer to keep a couple.

    C&R, or minimal keep?
    fly only, spin shunned but okay?
    stay sober, drink as much as you like but take care of yourself and don't get mean?
  6. where is this plan at? it hasn't been touched for a month, i give i'll revive it
  7. Yea I got a whole bunch of negative feedback in PM's so I don't really feel like organizing it anymore.
  8. Dustin..... Selkirks? I'd be up for something. You pick the "hard coreness" and I'll dial the trip. Don't let those urban wannabees turn you off.
  9. I wondered if this had fallen off the edge of the earth. I didn't know about any PMs going around; sorry if it turned you off Dustin. Now Pan hangs a "carrot" like the Selkirks out there . . . ; what's that sounding like to folks? I've never backpacked anywhere in Idaho, but I've dreamt about it. Just don't make it July 12-13; I signed up to go salmon fishing in the ocean then. Would this likely be an August adventure?

  10. or july 15-17___august would be the best time.
    do we want a river or moving water?
    how high and how long of a hike?
  11. I'd like to get in on this. I've never "actually" been hiking and I've been meaning to try it. So any tips on what would I need to bring? And anytime works good for me. And I would definetly wanna fish some moving water.

  12. anyone feel like doing some back country hiking into a couple rivers or alpine lakes? I'm open to location but like to hike hard and far. PM me if you're interested in getting out there.
  13. Backpacking means alpine lakes to me. Rivers with fish in them are at low elevations and generally have a road following along nearby. Any backpackable streams I've seen are small to tiny creeks flowing into and out of high lakes with limited - but sometimes interesting - fishing options for up to one person. Maybe different in the Selkirks.


    I think hiking hard and far is good for some things but not likely the best for a combined social backbacking event. Other than hiking in the Pasayten, most backpacking fishing destinations in the Cascades or Olympics are not very far, maybe up to 8 miles.

    Colton & Arthur,

    If fishing moving water is a qualifying criterion, that means hiking up the Quinault or Queets Rivers unless you want to go backpacking along a road. I'm sure there are exceptions, but this gives a general idea. I've hiked along the upper Stehekin and Methow, but you're fishing for 8" cutthroat. Alpine lakes offer better opportunities for trout large enough to eat.

  14. well im good for fishing any lake or river. i just prefer fisihing moving water. but i high alpine lake sounds great to me!

  15. I can actually think of alot of backpacking rivers. Most are in idaho or montana though. Pan, im gonna shoot u a PM.
  16. alpine lakes it is:D
  17. I'll give you guys a lake hike that has a little of everything. Turquoise Lake up off the Icicle. It's about 11 miles in from the trailhead. A little over half the hike is along the Icicle River and then it zips up the ridge to the lake. The last 3/4 mile to the lake is via game trails as the the "trail" to is is non-maintained. Old intel said the lake had cutts in it in the 14-15 inch range. Cuitan Lake, nearby has a rough trail to it that is mistaken for the trail to Turquoise.

    Hike can be hot as it's a south slope. The "zip" up the ridge does get hot as there's no water between the Icicle River and Turquoise (or Cuitan)

    I'm a fan of Twin Lakes cutts so that's why I did this one in the mid-90's.
  18. im down for that. are you by chance able to fish the river? and if we go fish lakes do we bring float tubes?

  19. Arthur,

    It sounds like you really haven't been backpacking. 11 miles up a hot south slope is a long ways to carry a float tube, waders, and fins, AND all your camping gear. Or maybe you're young and a glutton for punishment. We could throw a few good sized rocks in your pack if you're too fast for everyone else. Methinks Zen's suggestion is aimed at gleaning the hikers from the non-hikers. I'm carrying a Curtis raft (2#) in my pack.

  20. I was hikinh in the mallard larkins and my buddy found a rock that looked exactly like the classic face of the Matterhorn. He had to have it so he straped it to the top of his pack and hiked out with it. It is not a small chunk of granite either...

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