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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Flyn'dutchman, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Time to ditch the old thread and start a new one for this year. Two choices of weekends as far as I see it:

    14th -15th
    21st -22nd

    Last weekend of April is the regular opener and the campgrounds are very crowded and I for one have a date at another great lake. WFFF Council is having their thing in Ellensburg on the 21st if anyone is interested and that makes a difference.

    For myself, the 14th and 15th are better. Have to work the 21st weekend.
  2. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    I could make either date work but would lean toward 21-22nd.
  3. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Do you have a month lined up or do you just take those two days out of any month that looks good for you. :beer1: :beer1:

  4. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Hey Old Man it's good to see you still have that smart ass sense of humor.:p

    You need to get to Dry Falls this year. There aren't any bridges between Montana and Dry Falls and it probably would be the same driving time (from your old place) because it's all flat. I'll bring the Jim Beam.ptyd
  5. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    March OMJ.;) We'll see you there.:thumb:
  6. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Don't know what happened to my first post, but I'll keep both dates open.

    OMJ, make it over if you can. Islander, you taken liquor orders?????

  7. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Hey Jim, looks like you got whistle bit...:clown:

    For someone who knows the regs inside and out, asking what month is kinda silly. It doesn't open until April 1st. So, do you think we're going in March...:confused:

    F'n Dutchman, you should have made this a poll, that way you could see what the majority thinks, that's if you wish to be democatic...:thumb:
  8. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Just for your poison.ptyd
  9. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    March. It used to be in April. It's still cold over there in March and you probably will be Ice fishing.

    As for high bridges, there is that one in Idaho. The Memorial bridge on I 90 that scares the bejebbers out of me.

    I was thinking about it. But just to drink and not fish. Besides I don't ever catch anything out of Dry Falls except one hell of a hangover.

  10. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Get your ass out there! Just close your eyes on the high bridges or hell, go through ID by the Lochsa (can't remember the Highway #)... It won't be fishable but the run off should be hitting and the crazy rafters and IK'ers will entertain. Plus you can stop in Peck at Red Shed's on your way out...
  11. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    I'm game for either weekend, let's get the poll back up.
  12. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    I'm going to make it this year to see all the fun.:thumb:
    Mike Monsos
    Retired, no excuses:confused:
  13. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    same I will be there too
  14. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    I think it should be in LATE april or early may because it was too cold last year for anything but boring ass chironomid fishing. Night fishing just wasnt there..... Plus the creeks and carp+other warm water around there will be better later in the year. Anyways I steelhead up til april 15....
  15. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    I'm gonna have to agree with Zen. The fishing was pretty slow last year.
  16. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    The fishing is what you get on Dry Falls. Report from the local biologist is that it has a large older fish population that seems to be eating the fingerling plants (or at least something is). Fish like that tend to get fussy about what and when they eat. Not going to be a great quantity fishery, just quality. Take that for what it is worth. Zen is right about April being the month to fish chironomids, but I never did find the fish stripping buggers or streamers even later last year. The lake has huge chironomid hatches of medium to large bugs and the fish just key in on them.
  17. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Hey PassMan, of course it was slow you fish like once a year. Did you even catch a fish last year?
    I would rather the later date as well. I do think we need to get out there before the opener though.
  18. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Ouch, Jay! pm sent
  19. Dry Falls (New for 2007)

    Will there be BEER ???? Will IBN be there to stumble ??? If the answer is yes then I may be there.
  20. Dry Falls (New for 2007)


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