WFF Fly Contest Round 1 (Submissions and discussions) -Dead Head Streamers

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dustin Bise, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Who's your dead head? How about this streamer?
    That is a nice long snow white bunny strip between the braided silver body cord and the blue streamer hair back, not a gap.
    See the red throat? I got all the colors and the fish skull to match the dead head skull. Five dollar bill shows this fly is $$MONEY$$ and also how long this pig is!

  2. So does that mean "you got five on it?"
  3. That five dollar bill is all that is left of my gear whore allowance. It is merely a point of streamer lengh reference. My five dollar bill is 6 and 1/8" long so my streamer made the cut for the length bonus.
    If I had time to fish it I think I could entice something into hitting it too. You don't like my chances? I think I met the color scheme requirement with the red dubbed throat body, long white strip over the silver tubing and blue back flash. I think I met the length requirement too.
  4. Nice tie Mumbles. I think that dog 'ill hunt!
  5. i think there is a generation gap on that one LOL

    good flies, i tied one up but didnt have anything blue so i had to use pink instead.

    im in zig zag national forest at the moment, ill be back to trout lake this weekend and ill be able to submit my copy at that time. until then keep em coming and peace.

    by the way, so much good looking water down here in this oregon place, to bad the license is to expensive for me
  6. dude say what you want that thing ROCKS and is the winner I know it!

    The only chance I have is a photo with my fly in the mouth of a 40lb plus Springer
  7. the zig zag forrest ????
    where TF is that
    Humbolt County?
  8. Ok, here is my 12" Marabou Dead Head Streamer. The pictures didn't come out very well so I'll try to retake them. I finished it on the 22nd before midnight but couldn't get a good picture so I'm going with these for now. Notice the (poor) attempt to create a head like the logo, complete with lightning bolt.

    (edit: Mumbles gave me photo lessons so here are the final ones)
  9. Cheeze and Rice Freestone...
    That freaking 12" streamer has to be in first place now. I guess I'm glad I did not put my five on my 6" streamer. I like your artistic approach and I'm sure that BIG BROWNS and Pike should hammer that dead head streamer with sincerity. I'm hoping for a consolation prize.

  10. massive
    can you insert a glow stick in it though??
  11. At 12" it'll probably show up on NORAD radar stations if you cast it! :thumb:
  12. Wow. Amazing.

    Ok, well I am leaving again tommmorow to go work for 8 days at the bridge of the gods. Lets just use this thread for the voting because I am pressed on time at the moment,

    Please cast your vote for the winning fly.

    I will be back next monday or tuesday
    ps zig zag is south of mt hood oregon, a tributary to the sandy river.
  13. I'm definately the #2 fly. Sorry guys. I thought I had it with that long ass white streamer until sick nasty Freestone droped the dirty bomb. That 12" streamer is just amazing. I probably could not cast that beast, but I'm sure that some of the MT guys would like her to tie up a few more for them.
  14. My vote: Freestones 12 inch marabou streamer.

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