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Discussion in 'WFF Gear Program' started by Chris Scoones, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    I've hinted at a gear program being in the works and while I'm finishing up the gear section on the site I'd like to make some of the products available to you all now.

    The program's goal is to make the gear available to those on this site who would like to decide on the river if the product works for them or not, and over a period of time suitable to make a decision, like say a week or more if needed. This program is intended to work with the manufacturers by making their product available for extended demo using additional avenues. At the same time, of course, the programs goal is be a useful option to the members in terms of demo'ing product or when needed as spare equipment.

    The cost to you is your feedback on how the gear performed for you with your application. For now, the feedback can be via email until I decide on the format.

    Use of the watermasters will be limited to those having previous experience on the river. Use of all the products will require some solid form of identification, that you're a WA resident, and an agreement that you will return the product at the agreed date. Failure to return products promptly will result in my dog having his way with you. All 170lbs of him. It will be video taped.

    I'm in North Bend and for those of you within driving distance I would prefer you pick up / drop off the gear from me personally. There are plenty, obviously, that'll need to have items shipped. I'm not yet ready for shipping the gear around but will be soon. Once the mechanism is set, you will be asked to cover the shipping.

    The program is just getting started. Check out the other posts on this board for available equipment. View the "Demo Loan Schedule / Status" thread for up to date product availability.

    Email me offline to schedule usage.
  2. TomB Active Member

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    this is like the coolest idea ever!!!!!!!!! way to go chris!
  3. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Chris you've outdone yourself again. Quite a generous offer! I don't know how you do it but you must have some pull somewhere...You da man!

  4. Trevor New Member

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    Chris, this is truly awesome...
  5. Greg Miller meat-head

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    That's one big ass dog!

    Sweet deal.

  6. Mark Ellerbrook Metolius

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    This sounds like a truly great idea. :beer2:

    What to say other than thanks.
  7. Teeg Stouffer Fish Recycler

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    This is amazing. I can't imagine a similar resource - anywhere.

  8. Griswald a.k.a. Griswald

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  9. Stephen Rice Senior Member

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    Kudos to Chris (and that wicked dog of his)LOL this will be an excellent benefit to the manufacturers who participate. You have truly outdone yourself (or anyone else for that matter) and since Griswald is providing the Beer.... Cheers ! ptyd
  10. pwoens Active Member

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    Not only his time, but also his flesh. Dont forget that poor Chris almost lost his hand trying to work this rod deal. I mean was so close to amputation that it was scary. He wont admit it but it was all for this board. Here is the pic to prove it.

    Way to go Chris.....phathead!!

    Seriously....THANKS!!!! :thumb:

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  11. Tightline Brian Perry

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    Thanks for everything you do for all of us.

  12. Chris Stokesbary Member

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    I'll just go with...."wow".
  13. Scott Behn Active Member

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    I'm in AWE!!!! Where else can we enjoy such a site and be guinea pigs for the manufactures...I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I'll be a 'pig... :cool:
  14. santoroman New Member

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    I have never met you, but man, this sounds great. The happy brotherhood of trout nerds thank you.

    santo :thumb:
  15. Nailknot Active Member

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    You rock Chris!
  16. willieboat Member

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    You da man!

    Thank you sir!

  17. loneangler New Member

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    wow, what more need i say, this is just really cool.
  18. Luv2flyfish Another Flyfisherman

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    Dude, Chris - Has anyone told you lately that, "You're the SH*T Man?" IF no one has told you that lately - please allow me:

    Chris - You're the SH*T Man! This is awesome. This has alot of potential. This could reap major rewards for local flyfishing businesses. The chances of trying out some goods (on your own terms) before you buy it is setting the standard.

    Thanks Chris!
  19. worldanglr Member

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    All Hail, King Scoones :cool:
  20. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I've met the dog. He's a 170#puppy :)

    But if he sits on you, your a goner. 170# is a lot of dog