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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Seen a huge lot of flytying material on Ebay. Too big for me but perhaps not for half dozen people or so? I requested a detailed list.

    Price is $4200 right now. Who's up for the Mother of All Group Buys??

  2. Help if I knew what was in thems boxes
  3. Agreed. But if they're full of legal polar bear I'm in.
  4. He says he has a detailed list and I've requested it. Will add to the thread once I get it.
  5. I'm in if its polar bear and jungle cock as well
    maybe grade A Whitting capes
    (let's start that hair fad thing back up)
    or any of those many capes missing from the royal british museum
    oh ya I'm in
  6. Didn't see any polar bear or jungle cock. Seen some seal. Lots of capes and saddles but doesn't grade them. Lots of yarn and swannundaze which is too bad. Not sure what could be done with over 750 cards of yarn. :eek:

    Looks like it was a store that closed but they carried a lot of excess of some things.
  7. Orlando Outfitters is a tackle store in , well , orlando Fl. I've shopped with them on numerous occasions. Can only imagine its an inventory clearout, or they've gone belly up.

    Probably a deal for another tackle store though.
  8. Different place Eunan. This is Orland Outfitters and they are out of Orland, CA.
  9. Perhaps the excess material could be sold off to recoup some of the expense?

    Or....another idea I had is that we could sell ticket gets you a pick of one item and then we could have a big drawing to distribute the items?
  10. i stand corrected. bad eyes on my part!:)
  11. Looks like a fishing shop went belly up... or something.

    The problem is all the small stuff. Hooks, beads, etc. It would be difficult to get folks to chip in for 4200 bucks of misc tying materials.

    Now... if the 4200 was for a lot of new high end fly rods and reels, I could see a group buy for something like that. Misc fly tying material??? How would you split it up?
  12. So I'll put you down as IN then?

  13. No. ;)

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