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  1. Thanks Chris,

    Got it today.

  2. Got mine Saturday. Looks Great!
  3. I love my hat, and my truck will surely appreciate the decal.
  4. Ordered mine a couple of days back and it showed up today. I like the new Blue hat. Shows off the logo much better. Thanks for t the quick turn around Chris.
  5. Got it today, didn't expect it that fast.

  6. Great hat! Excellent turnaround. Thanks
  7. Thanks, it is a nice hat and delivered quickly. The decal looked good until I peeled the paper off of the backing and 1/2 stayed on the paper and the other 1/2 stayed on the backing. Anyone else have this problem? No big deal, just curious. Jim.
  8. Ya gotta peal those types of stickers off carefully as they are cut outs. you should try working the sticker with your finger nail if parts keep lifting up, even when being careful.

    I'll send you another. Metal gray or white?
  9. Thanks Chris. Grey would be good and I'll use a utility knife to help in the peeling. Thanks again, Jim.
  10. Got my hats and stickers too, really nice looking. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Chris :beer2:
  12.'d be the man. Received the hat today and sticker (thanks) ...Hats are sweet :thumb: But I was really impressed with the packaging much better than many other on-line retailers.
    Thanks again :)
  13. Hi there,

    Will you post internationally to Australia
  14. Gig, yes. I'll cover the extra shipping costs.
  15. Thanks Chris, i will order one shortly.
  16. I like my new hat.
  17. I'll be sporting the cap here on the Spartina Grass now that I've moved from Seattle to Wilmington, NC. Fishing's been slow as the water hasn't warmed up yet but maybe it's all to do with finding the right hat (and nothing to do with being thrown into a completely new fishery).
  18. Hats shipped today. If you have one ordered expect it tomorrow (likely for those in WA) or Weds.

  19. Hats, I like them. I put the Blue one on and I get asked more questions about Washington than I did with the Tan one. But the Tan one is the color of the dust over here and I have to wash the blue one more times to keep it clean. God, life is rough. :rofl:

    It is just about the first thing that I don in the morning except my clothes. My Blue hat/cap. So I guess that I'm advertizing your web site over here in Montana.

  20. Thanks Chris, I got my hat today, it is great! Love the decal also, will go on the jeep.


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