WFF Oly Pen Trip is Feb 18 and 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by James Mello, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Dudes,

    Hate to do this. My daughter has an awards dinner to attend on that Friday. Seems her little project went to district and she has been invited. She wants me there. I can not turn her down. Sorry.
  2. Flufskie,

    James and I will be there all week. If you came down anytime friday you could find us hangin' around. We are planning on doing a little fishing that morning but setting up is top priority that afternoon. Bring whatever rods you want. Between James and I we should have 4 or five rods ourselves out there.
  3. atleast one is thinking of the important stuff:thumb:

  4. Of course. A fifth of Ardbeg 10year to warm those cold toes. I don't know if you have ever had it but it is some really smokey peaty stuff.
  5. Matt,

    So you should go to the dinner with your daughter on Friday night. Maybe you could still get away to fish part of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (holiday).


    Leave the 6 wt home if you intend to fish for steelhead. The 6 wt. will be fine if you plan to fish for whitefish. Oxbow campground is right off Hwy 101 almost immediately north of the Hoh River bridge. It's a lot easier to find than a good spot to fish, and there are many of those.

    For clarity's sake, which evening is the "big" dinner? Friday or Saturday? or both?


    Salmo g.

  6. Sounds like you have your priorities straight Matt; you can go fishing .anytime. But your little girl will only be a little girl for a little while. And if you go to her evening awards dinner, instead of fishing for the day, you will both have that memory for a lifetime. :thumb:
  7. I could do either or both, it would be best to do it when the most people can make it. If everyone is going to be there friday, it might be nice to have some grub so people don't have to worry about it while setting up tents, tarps, ect.
  8. Saturday evening is probably the best for a big dinner, unless a bunch of guys are taking Friday off. I'm going to take Friday off, but I'm sure a lot of guys will roll in late Friday, after work or fishing somewhere for the day.

    Can't wait for this, three solid days of chasing steel! Hopefully the weather will cooperate, it's looking pretty good at this point with the 10 day forcast for Forks!

    Btw, is there a better place to look for weather / river conditions on the OP?

  9. here is my go to fly for the O.P. event.
  10. Niiiiccceeee.... I don't think I'm going to tie anything John... Mind if I mooch?

  11. Haha...Well fellas, looks like I'm going to be on the Peninsula that weekend, touring some land for a fisheries internship I'm doing this summer. Of course why drive over to the OP for only one day of fishing? So I figure I'll probably want to put in at least one day of floating (I'm thinking Hoh Here). Right now its looking like I'll be working Saturday, but Friday is up in the air. So I'm thinking if anyone wants to float the hoh, say park boundry down drop me a PM. I dont really wanna roll with a possy here, maybe one or two other guys. Also not sure what my plans are for sleeping but I'll be sleeping out there Thursday and Friday night...James didnt you say you and john where gonna be out there all week? If you guys wanna meet up/shoot the $hit/drink some malt beverages I would be real up for it. Anyway, I'm pumped to be out on the Peninsula, and maybe actualy put some faces with names of all the rowdy crowd here.:beer2:

  12. Yup, me and John will be there the whole week. As for malted beverage, I think we can tap the keg a day early if you're out there! :)
  13. James/John: What day are you guys getting out there? I'll be out there THIS weekend (Fri Sat Sun Feb 10-12). I'll be fishing in the AMs and hanging with the wife & dog in the afternoons. Were staying at Kalaloch, between the Queets and Hoh.

    Look for a blue VW beetle with a rocket box if you're at one of the access points. It would be cool to say hi and share some insight.

    i am still thinking about the event the following weekend but don't know if I can swing this 2 weeks in a row.

  14. It's looking more and more like I won't be making it. Will probabably just do a day trip a little closer to home.
  15. Well I did the math on the mileage thing and came up with 250 miles one way no matter which way I have to come so it is home I will stay. To bad that they don't have a straight thru shot but there isn't any. Besides there are mountains in the way.


  16. Gah! And to think that the weather decided to cooperate Jim! Oh well, if you came, we'd just have all that much more fun. Now without you showing up, we'll just have to have less fun ;)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  17. Hey, watch out for bigfoot out there. Stay close to the campfire at night.
  18. Is this the campsite locale? Its what I've gathered with info I've pieced together, but :confused:.
  19. I'm planning on 225 miles just to see you.
  20. ht75,

    Good job with google earth or whatever. I just love that space-bird's-eye-view of the landscape. That's the place. Just look for the sign after you cross the Hoh.


    Salmo g.

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