WFF Oly Pen Trip is Feb 18 and 19

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  1. Just in case you werent jazzed enough. All the rivers are dropping in real nice, the Hoh should be perfect(but cold) by the weekend. There are lots of awesome three and for salt fish, all still chrome This pic is pretty much the AVERAGE we hit in the past week. Hey, don't count out the Quilute system

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  2. Had a lot of work to do tonight, so I made some maps instead. They include some other campgrounds that Bob mentioned. They all should be easy to find except for the South Fork.

    Remember, i got a freezer full of sausages and dogs for Saturday, so you don't need to bring those.

    Bogachiel State Park campground

    Minnie Peterson Camp on the Hoh is on the Upper Hoh Rainforest Road, about six miles from Hwy 101

    Morgan’s Crossing: I believe it has a put in.

    Willoughby Creek,

    South Fork Campground Best for those that want Solitude
    Directions: Turn north on U.S. 101 and drive about 94 miles. Exit at Milepost 176. At Hoh Mainline Road turn east and drive 6.5 miles. Turn left on Road H1000 and drive 7.5 miles to the campground on the right. Obtaining a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) map is advised.
  3. Can an intermediate row the Hoh with no problems?
  4. Stear clear of minnnie peterson to Oxbow. If you go to the park boundry the river forks in two places, its important to get it right. I would say Morgans to minnies or Oxbow down would be your best bets
  5. On average, what is the drift and fish time of morgans to Oxbow? I don't want to be stuck floating in the dark. thankyou
  6. Heads Up!

    The Weather Service predicts RECORD COLD this weekend!

    So bring firewood, clothing and camping gear for below freezing conditons.

    This is not a joke. :rofl:
  7. I have a tent, but I think I'm definitley sleeping in my rig. Ooh, Im getting all antsy in my pantsy.

    Oh yeah, I guess I have been kinda lurking at this post for a month or so, but I'm going. If you could put me on the roster I would apprieciate it. I'm going to leave Oly around 4 ish on Friday. So I'll be ariving in the dark...hopefully.
  8. I wouldn't know, but isn't that what Steelheading is all about?:eek:

    In honor of Steelheading tradition I plan on breaking in my first Steelhead Rod this Saturday on the upper Skagit, despite record breaking temps... I just hope I'd be up for doing it again afterwards!:eek:
  9. Hmmm, a motel room in Forks might be just the ticket.
  10. Yeah, chilly. Also supposedly up to 2 inches of snow on the Pen. but who is the National Weather Service anyway. Looks like SAtuday will be my primary fishing day, but I'm hoping to walk and wade afternoon Friday. I'll be out there probably 1130 tomorrow night. Not sleeping at the campground tho. Any news from the guys already out there?
  11. Well, unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it out tomorrow, so I'm probably not going to be there at all.

    I'm going to stay local and chase fish in some of the "S" rivers.

    Enjoy and stay safe! It's going to be cold tomorrow.

  12. BRRRRRR! I'm not heading any further North!:eek: Not today anyway!
    My neighbor had to leave unexpectedly to take care of business, and I agreed to take care of her dogs and cats thru tomorrow. She usually lets the dogs sleep outside while she's gone, and leaves a window open for the cats, but not in this weather! I really owe her one for giving me a legitimate excuse for weenying out! I don't do well in sub-freezing joints freeze up! :(
    Since its after noon and I cancelled work (don't want to prune trees from high on a ladder in this freezing wind) I'm :beer1: and doing home projects!

    Hope you guys survive up there!

  13. So what kinda flies y'all brangin' up to that thar Ohlimpic Peninsuly?
    Seriously, though, I won't be able to make what seems like the event of the year but I'm gonna head down that way the next week. I was hoping you helpful people might have some suggestions on what bugs to bring. I'm new to steelhead and the OP, and I'm just trying to cover my bases. I was thinking MOALs in combinations of blk and purp, as well as egg flies. Am I missing anything? Maybe I should fish the opposite of what you guys say, seeing as how the fish might have sore lips generated by the patterns you recommend:clown:. Any advice would be helpful.
    Thanks, Otto
  14. Well, they're over there now. Brrrrrrrr. Cold enough here in Seattle. Hope we hear some good reports. Bound to be funny. Good luck boys.
  15. Tonight is the Pot Luck gathering at Hoh Oxbow Campground.

    Met a few guys last night (friday) down there. Air was crisp, dry and clear all night here. Weather here today in Forks is brisk but sunny and a dry bluebird day, a little light wind but not bad. The high winds did not materialize here and it looks good for the next few days. :beer2:
  16. Just got wasnt tooo hot cause the water has been down for a while now. Cold nights had the fish moving a little slow. Still managed two grabs in one day and broke one off. Apparently I am the king of breaking fish off on the peninsula :( Mello go one and they're still after it now so lets hope they have some good fish mojo
  17. Someone post a report with some porn. Been waiting all week to see how you guys did. Anything crazy happen? Did everyone end up staying at oxbow? Sasquatch?
  18. No Sasquatch, but a couple of us took a little bath in the Hoh. And John's camera might be ruined as a result, maybe his card still has the images though.
  19. Well, there was only 2 fish caught between me and John, one smaller steel and a bull. I had a lot of hook ups for the week (6 total) but ended up with crackering off 3 of them due to equipment failure and 3 got off after a head shake or two. John had lots of bumps and hits, but since he was unfamilar with steelheading, he missed a *LOT* of hook ups (maybe 7?). Considering that we exclusively swung flies, and that we were realtive noobs, that was a great week of fishing in our minds ;)

    I have to give out a shout to my new boy Uncle Jimmy! It took a while to get the boat out from him, but having it was definately worth doing! There's more than a few stories that came out of the float from Willoughby Creek to Oxbow (none of them that speak of me in glowing terms!), but *MAN* that was definately one of the funnest floats I had. Hopefully you can find a good use for the straps and stuff we left with you!

    The only disappointment, if you can say that, was more people didn't show up! I just gave away the keg to a good home last night, so that'll get drained. But I have more than enough cold cuts and food to choke a horse! I think I've got sandwiches for the next few months!

    Even with the mild dissapointment of attendence, I can definately say that we had a *GREAT* time with both Bob Triggs and Steve Buckner. Both of those guys know the waters, know how to fish, and most importantly know how to teach. It was also pretty funny to be with Bob on monday and then Steve on Thursday. Both of those guys definately have different styles of fishing! Bob was awesome as it was a more relaxed slower pace of fish, while with Steve we really felt like we were "hunting" for steel. I can definately say that if anyone wants a good time, either of those guys would come with my highest recomendations!

    Finally, John's camera has the foto of the smaller steel we got and hopefully I can prod him into getting in the gallery soon.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  20. Steve is a great guy, I jsut wish I wasnt in alaska so I could have joined in (you wouldnt have had to donate the keg ;); but Im glad to hear you guys enjoyed yourselves out there.

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