WFF OP Outing Shirt Order...

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  1. So how do you all like your shirts? They holding up? Some of us are still waiting on ours.;):D Just busting your chops Chris!:clown:
  2. Roy, dragging myself outside right now, and kicking my ass. :p

    I'll try and get them out tomorrow.
  3. .........with your procrastinating ass
  4. Well I like mine and I was last on the list. What does that tell you? :)
  5. that tells me that chris can kiss my ass!
  6. Caught up with everyone but three. Couldn't place the checks with the member ID's of two, which I need to do for gettings the required shirt sizes. The third is you Mike. Just forgot ya. hahaha
  7. Mike, you're shirt is on the way now as well.
  8. i changed my mind're alright i don't care what macrowdy was saying about you
  9. Just received my shirts today. :thumb:
  10. Hi gang, has everyone else gotten their shirts and mine is lost in the mail (that has happened before)?
    Just wondering? Thanks
  11. Gary, you should have gotten yours by now. PM me after the mail comes today and doesn't deliver your shirts.
  12. Awesome shirts Chris, they showed today.
    Thanks again!!!
    I really wasn't worried. But I have had stuff get lost by the USPS.
  13. got mine today as well. super killer shirts and thanx much chris
  14. :thumb:Thanks Chris!

  15. The shirts were surprisingly (to me) :thumb: I'm not exactly sure what macrowdy was brewing on that other site about you ......:confused:
    You're :thumb:

    I think macrowdy needs to spend some time on the sacramento river and fine yougin college men in the SF area to FF with :eek: :confused: Leave those Montana men alone to develop in to real men.
  16. Should have any and all outstanding shirt orders out today.

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