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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by orangeradish, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. I should be more specific.....

    Required content: Flash the OK, Have an item of Flyfishing paraphernalia, and some derelict gear/trash (ie. Lures, Lead, Mono, Bobbers, Cans, Bags, Jimmy Caps [I believe someone caught one recently], etc....).
  2. I love the conservation angle. Photosenior should get this one. I fish with him often, and he picks up so much mono/lead/hooks/ect that he could open a bait shop. Go get 'em, peeps!
  3. Nice call out on the Rod CSI Mumbles! That rod served me well that day. Good thing as I was on the fence about sending it up to the Mumb-angels!
  4. We're good on rods Mike. You keep using it...but if you decide you hate it I know a guy that will gladly take it off your hands.
  5. Is the conservation angle just not a favorable subject? A simple beer can or candy wrapper will do. Please don't work extra hard to seek out the "prophy" of the "lactic" kind.
  6. Mike, mid week fishing is not for the cubicle patient. PHWFF event this weekend. Good chance there will be some conservation minded folks out there.
  7. Wait, some people don't fish every day???
  8. Very true my friend. I just didn't want this thread to slip away.

    Keep it up buddy, you're a machine!
  9. I fish every day. Every night when I close my eyes I see cutthroat water and or steelhead water. Dreams of Skagit cutthroat and lately dreams of desert rivers full of summer run steelhead have started creep into my unconsciousness.
  10. Wow Kerry, in your dreams too? As long as you're on the right side of the line my friend. If you ever notice gills under your chin....WAKE UP!
  11. I have a ton of alone time at work where I am doing my thing all by my lonesome. The percentage of that time I spend thinking about fishing would alarm non-anglers. Perhaps we should fuck off in an eastern direction and stand in that aforementioned steelie water. Sound like a plan?:beer2:
  12. Ok, this is probably not going to count, but what the heck, no one has come up with anything yet.

    So, it's kinda on the way to a fishing trip and kinda involves derelict fishing gear. I'm at a tradeshow in SC then headed to Vermont for another one but will have a couple days in between to fish, so that is the ‘on the way to a fishing trip’ part. The OK sign and fishing gear part was easy so where does the derelict gear part come in? Well, like many of you, I'm used to finding feathers, hooks, leader, etc all over the house. But to my surprise, as I emptied my toiletry kit and jewelry onto the hotel counter the other night, what do I find in the middle of it? A stray hook! How? I have no idea but I didn't think I was that messy to be hauling derelict, stray crap across the country stuck to my toiletry kit but I guess I am, lol! Anyway, I'm sure it doesn't qualify but I got a kick out of it the other night and have left it there all week to remind me of what I'd rather be doing...

  13. Hahaha! I will definitely give you an honorable mention! Leave it to a fishy gal to pack the essentials in the essentials bag!
  14. It's up to Mike if that qualifies for the contest, but I'm pretty sure it qualifies you as a turbo fishy badass.
  15. I say Freestone has control of the board. What are we moving along to now?
  16. Big brothers have spoken! Let's move on. What's next?
  17. Alright guys, let's keep this moving...

    The OK sign flashed on a shoreline of some body of water and, in keeping with my girlie theme, you have to be holding one of those artificial fingernail spoon flies in the other hand! Big bonus points if the spoon fly is in a fish's mouth! Double big points if it is caught during the 2 fly contest this weekend!


    1. The OK sign
    2. Body of water in the background
    3. Artificial fingernail spoon fly

    Time to raid your wife's make-up drawer!
  18. Never used/seen one before. Are these the right flies?

  19. Yep, that's bascially them but for the contest, the body has to be made from an artificial nail, not just epoxy. Maybe I should require the person to also be holding one of the fake nails too, lol!
  20. Just increased my packing list to include my tying kit and some of them there fake finger nails. Are they really flies? If I fish with one of those does that make me a gear fisherman? If I have to extract the nails from someone, say a co-worker, and there are bits of finger attached does that make me a bait fisherman? This should be good and dirty.

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