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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by orangeradish, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Bumpity bump. Just because there are not a billion hatchery steelhead in the rivers yet...anyone got a photo of one? Grin, grip, flash the okay and take control of the "what's next" in the photo contest.
  2. Problem is, I think that's me in the photo not Jason
  3. Jim, that photo in zoomed format shows all four of you, Jason, Joe, Jim, J-Ben (everyone else has a J). I got you all but it was girlie pants that was the star of the setup.
  4. View attachment 34428

    OK, here it is. In the heat of the moment yesterday I forgot about this, so no shots on the river, but I hope the fillet table counts! :beer2:
  5. Sweet. What is next?
  6. Been thinking about this one, and I would like to see a salmon (preferably a Coho, you get extra points :thumb: ) with the fly it was caught with and, of course, the OK sign.

    Go get 'em!

  7. Feck. Another one I have no chance of getting.

    Nice fish, BTW.
  8. O Rad, we'll see how long this takes. If we don't have anybody come up with the goods I'll change it up. I know it's slim pickin's out there right now, but it is the season!
  9. Bumpidy bump....anyone catch a salmon lately????
  10. I was getting the sandwich fixins out of the pantry and caught this salmon before it fell to the floor.
  11. I call foul!
  12. Nice try Ed! Let's give it a little more time and see if someone can come up with a winner, preferably not from the pantry or freezer.:rofl::beer2:
  13. Just trying to draw some attention to the game...I just can't catch any real salmon.
  14. Ed, I've seen you hook 'em, so I know you can!:thumb:
  15. Evidently no one is catching salmon. First person to take a picture of a football game today, and the OK sign with a hand tied fly gets it. This should be easy enough. Now get 'r done!
  16. Easy:

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    If Matthew says I'm up, I want to see a native trout caught on any trip that starts today forward...go get 'em.
  17. i might get a chance to hit the creek tonight. the hard part will be catching a redband, to many brookies!
  18. Easy enough Dustin! Needed to get this thing moving. Now go find some native trout!

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