WFF Stillwater Series_1: Finding Productive Water

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tim Lockhart, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Tim Lockhart

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  3. Skysoldier

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    Awesome write up.
  4. IveofIone

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    An excellent well written treatise that dovetails nicely with my own 64 years on the water. Some of the guys that are just starting out as well as some with lots of experience but still floundering should print this out, tape it to the wall and memorize it. It is that valuable.

  5. scottflycst

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    Well done FF. I second the A+
    I suppose I'm biased but those who are able should own more than one pair of hiking boots.
  6. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    FF, outstanding and well thought out information.
    Fishing lakes, ponds, etc is my favorite type of
    fishing. I found myself agreeing on every
    point you made and know that this post will
    be invaluable to anyone who reads it.

    I love pulling up to my favorite trailhead to the
    lake and seeing no other cars around.

  7. troutpocket

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    . . . . and that's how it's done.

    Well written and thorough! You're effort in composing that piece is not lost on me.
  8. Ed Call

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    FF this is fantastic!
  9. wadin' boot

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    Are Ford and Roger Stephens related? Same style, same detail, only thing missing is mention of a notebook. That and Roger's all about the salt. Ford- Great writing and well put...
  10. Jim Wallace

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    Very good info, FF, and well presented. I think this might even help to revive my recently waning exploratory stoke. Yes, I think I can feel it coursing thru my veins right now! Thanks!
  11. Tim Lockhart

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    Wow, greatly appreciate all the nice feedback so far. :thumb:

    Hope it's useful stuff (more to follow).
  12. Christian Brewer

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    Nice friggin' work my friend!!! :thumb:

    That almost makes me want to dust off my single hander/float tube and go fishing with you again!!!