WFF Stillwater Series_6: Cracking The Code On Browns

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tim Lockhart, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Tim Lockhart

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  2. Islander

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    "If you ask me, the fact that a fish this freakish paid me a second visit in the exact same square foot of water on a 99 acre lake is nothing short of a miracle. There has to be some deeper meaning. Then again, isn't everything about the brown trout a little religious.."

    I'm a firm believer that brown's (at least stillwater browns) are extremely territorial and will stay in the same area much more often than the rainbows.

    Well done FF!!
  3. Mark Horwath

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    I'll put a story out for you guys! Last year I'am not sure of the month ,But it was hot middle of the day bright sun at pass lake. I just launched was headed to the right of the launch. Started casting my fly in the shadows hooked a small rb. it was splashing on the surface when I noticed a dark form coming up from the depths a very large brown came up and grabbed the rainbow. I was in shock he took the fish under the boat and strait down. I managed to get him back up got a good look at him. HE had the rainbow in his mouth,head sticking out one side and tail the other and the fly still in the bows mouth. the brown swam around the boat a few times I grabbed my net almost got him,but the fly pulled out,I just laughed as I watched the brown slowly swim away munching on the bow still side ways in his mouth. I think we need a bigger boat! great post Mr fenders thanks for the info.
  4. Gregg Lundgren

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    Awesome! Thank you once again for sharing. Your reflections allow us less experienced fishers a toe hold in taking up the challenge. After all, it's a quite a climb even after you've been given some good advice.

    Potentially removing some of the lumps we might take from the school of hard knocks is a good thing. Life is short.
  5. Old Man

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    All my Brown's are caught on Nymph's. But of course I'm fishing Skinny water.
  6. stilly stalker

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    Ill be doing more brown fishing this year, since it looks like the rivers will be blown out till xmas and closed at the end of january
  7. Keith Hixson

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    Never have caught a brown on a dry fly. Streamers, nymphs seem to work the best. I'm sure you can catch them on dries but they seem more predator than most trout. The Dolly Varden (Bull Trout) I usually catch on streamers and nymphs. The feeding habits of the two must be similar.
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    Great read. thanks
  9. Jeff Studebaker

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    Depends on the timing. Biggest brown I ever caught was on a parachute adams at Pass during a mayfly hatch.
  10. Keith Hixson

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    :thumb: I know they will hit dries. Love to catch one on a dry.
  11. bigfun4me

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    I've run into this poor guy myself.

    Good example of how a fish can be caught many times if properly released.
  12. yellowlab

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    That is flippin' hilarious!!! If you thought you had a rough day, nothing compared to brownie that got into some trouble with the mob. Too funny!
  13. Roundeye777

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    great read! good info. over here on the eastern side of the state, i get the best results with very large crawdad patterns. they always look to big, turns out there are just right! the big browns seem to love the blue ones!