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  1. So I fished a couple of my local south sound beaches yesterday with Zach M. At the first beach I fished the evening after work from the last hour of the outgoing through the first hour of the incoming. There were definitely cutthroat around and I hooked into about 4 of them and lost one about 12" fish at the net. Other than that it was the usual 'scrap' fish with a crap load of perch and sculpin and a small flounder. Once the tide died we decided to go fish another beach.

    Once there we just ran into a couple schools of next year's resident coho look about 8-10" right now, hopefully they will hang around the sound this year. Just about dusk we saw a large SRC jump about 18 -19" range which gave Zach's fly a good tug but than vanished. Almost immediately after this about 50 feet off shore we hear a huge splash and look out to see a big whale surfacing. It had to have been either a gray (most likely) or a humpback as it was good sized baleen whale. What it was doing so fair into the sound I have no idea but lucky for it, it was heading back out. This was definitely not an every day occurrence and was a welcomed sight on a beautiful but slow day of fishing.
  2. Very cool to see Gary. There had been a humpback off Jeff Head about a week ago. Could have been the same whale? but who knows. Sure seems to me that there has been a significant increase in whales, porpoise, and seals in the last few years in the sound.
  3. We were out the other day and we saw some porpoise's off of hood head at top of canal, it was pretty cool.
  4. I had a similar experience 2 winters ago. Fishing for SRCs off the south end of Bainbridge, had a grey whale surface not 30yds from me. Amazing sight.
  5. my home port used to be depot bay on the oregon coast. years ago, just after JAWS, the movie, came out, my buddy carl and i were there fishing for salmon. after we closed the local joint down at 2am we headed for his folks cabin and a quick couple of hours of sleep.

    later that same morning we rolled out and headed for the harbor and the boat. the ocean was oily flat and amazingly the sun was out! we were soon pealing our layers of clothing off as we warmed up. with the auto pilot set, the lines out we stretched out on the deck. no sooner had i dropped off when i heard this big woosh followed by this awful stench.

    both of us were on our feet and right there about 20 feet off the port side were the travelling orca's. scared the piss out of both of us. we learned later that they had just come out of newport bay where they had laid waste to the harbor seal population.

    amazing what is out there to take in..............including the attack subs while halibut fishing as well as the harbor dolphins which seem to be hanging in this area.
  6. Was fishing off the marina in Point Roberts and an entire pod of Orca came in to feed. They have no fear of humans - they swam under the boat, and put on quite a show. No fish after that, but it was an amazing sight.

    There is a great video on youtube of a guy getting his 30 plus pound Chinook "taken" from him. Search "orca taking chinook salmon".
  7. that thing was HUGE! i would have been scared if i was in the boat that it kind of snuck up on. cant wait to see more!
  8. David I think that it probably is the same one as I talked to my boss at the internship that I am doing with the Marine Fisheries Service and he said that there had been one off of Vashon a couple weeks back.

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