What’s your story?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dave Hartman, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Rick, you are right and btw the pics you posted in the gallery with the huge browns got me jealous.
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    Well said. When I joined this company back in June the job opportunities were endless. Now with a looming recession, growing mortgage deliquencies and only a .25% Fed rate cut, drastic corporate changes abound. Exxon Mobile here I come!!!! I still have yet to hear on cnbc:

    "Today's earnings look bleak for Conoco, Exxon Mobile and many others in the oil industry as the price per barrel of oil decreases and demand on these refineries diminishes. Analysts predict a 15% quarterly earnings decrease for Exxon Mobile (EXO) for Q4 of 07' plunging eps from $35.00 to $5.15..":p

    Ford, London InterBank, know anyone?

    FlyBill: Thanks for the encouraging words

    Mingo: Do you know what they really call me...."The Midnight Cowboy" Hey who says them rich older gals don't need lovin...
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    I was born and raised in Seattle. Got my masters degree Crab fishing in the Bering Sea for 15years. In 1996 I switched careers and got in the car business so I could be home to watch my Three daughters grow up. I was fortunate to have a Dad that was very much a fisherman and have been fishing as long as I can remember. When I was 8 years old we went to B.C. and I caught an 8lb trout on a fly rod. I was hooked. I have been married for 21 years come March 5th to a great wife how tries to help me realize me hopes dreams and desires. My youngest daughter Isabell has my passion for fishing and wants to go with me always. This year she landed a 25lbs king by her self in Tahsis B.C . Needless to say I bought her a pair of waders and a vest for Christmas and she practices her casting in the yard constantly she is ten. I have learned a ton from this board and made some great friends. I am a lucky man. There is so much to learn and so little time. Happy Holidays

    Zane :beer2:
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    If you like the older ladies try getting a job with Welles Fargo... Yummm Rodeo Grandmas!
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Back in June 2005 my g/f, our dog and myself hopped into our cars and drove across country. We ended up in sunny Seattle.
    That's right, we're transplants in the NW! I originally grew up in the suburbs of Boston. I've lived in Boston and NYC. I couldn't stand the ridiculously cold winters and blistering humidity during the summer months. Enough was enough!

    I love love love love stripers! My favorite fishing was to sight cast to bass in estuaries. I absolutely fell in love with hitting the beach every chance I had... The trout fishing in Massachusetts was horrible but fishing the ocean and costal rivers during the fall and spring months made up for it. I miss fishing for stripers immensely.

    Let's get back on track here. I've been at fly fishing for roughly 14 years now. Throughout my journey I was extremely jaded with my dealings in Trout Unlimited. I made a promise to myself not to get involved with the entire political BS that goes along with fly fishing. Along with the ridiculous egos of people who fly fish. It's seriously fly fishing. I rather get drunk with someone, fish and have fun than spend time debating the ethics of fishing and consumerism. I think the dudes who do AEG and This Is Fly have the right idea of where fly fishing should go and the attitude to keep with you... I'm getting sidetracked here though... Back on topic!

    Although I enjoy the abundance of fish and beautiful weather here, I really miss the people on the East Coast. It's been a constant challenge in adapting to West Coast living. I'm used to having an abrasive, sarcastic attitude which just doesn't fly on the West Coast. Finally, after 2 years I'm getting used to relaxing and accepting the fact that life isn't a constant rush to get to the next traffic light. It's definitely been a positive change!

    When I'm not fly fishing, I'm usually hanging out with our dog Neko. She kicks ass. I love dogs. If I were rich I'd probably have an army of dogs roaming around my house. Also, I enjoy "punk/hardcore" music and have an extensive vinyl collection. I collect records. I used to spend most of my money on records although I've recently calmed down in that aspect.

    The greatest struggle I'm having right now is balancing my life with my friends and getting out on river. It's tough to party in the waking hours of the morning only to get up at 6 AM to hit the river. Recently, I've enjoyed hitting the bars, playing a ridiculous amount of pinball at Shorty's and sleeping in with my g/f and dog. I haven't fished in a month now. Maybe it's winter or maybe it's snowboarding but I haven't had the energy or motivation to get on water.

    I've met a bunch of people on this board who were fun as all hell to fish with... I've also known some rad people who left the board because they couldn't deal with the BS. I know I've probably pissed some people off. Sorry dudes, it's just the internet. No hard feelings, I'll buy you some good brew. The WFF is a great website/resource. Thanks to all the admins who keep it alive!

    Here's a bunch of things I miss:

    Beautiful Beaches
    my E-Z Pass
    steak and cheese subs!
    chicken parm subs!

    Here's a bunch of rad stuff I love about WA:

    dog parks
    people enjoying life.
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    That's too funny Dave! I grew up on the other side of the river in Saco, ME.
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    Powder. Where? That's one of the reasons I left the wet side... there is none.
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    Born in 1975 and raised in the Seattle area. My Grandpa got me into fly fishing in Bellingham-area lakes in my early teens but I didn’t put down my spinning gear until my early 20’s. Started college at WSU, finished my BS in Fisheries at UW . . .yes, I’m a rare hybrid! Got my MS in Stream Fish Ecology at the U of Wyoming in Laramie. Applied research is my gig. I’ve been on the forum since 2001 and learned a ton here.

    I once heard a professor from Colorado State U describe himself as a pathological fisherman who used academia as a way to channel his preoccupation with fish. I would put myself in a similar category. I took the biologist route starting in 1999 and have seen the fisheries research profession from the academic, federal, state, and private industry sides.

    Since I went “pro” (and got married), I’ve fished less than I used to but that’s ok. My job keeps me tied into the seasonal mysteries of fish behavior and I get to design studies that answer my questions about fish-habitat relationships and what fish are up to throughout the year.

    In July I left a good consulting job mainly because I didn’t actually handle any of the fish I was studying in two years on the job (and financial reality; i.e. biologists don’t earn enough to live in Seattle anymore:beathead:). Living in Spokane is taking some getting used to but now when I come home after a day of fieldwork I smell like slimy fish and life is better:clown:.

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    really? that's what everyone keeps saying. everytime i go snowboarding all i see is powder? when i was at crystal two weeks ago there was so much of it that they had to close down a run because people were getting stuck in the snow and could get out. back in MA all you heard was crunch crunch crunch of your board trying to break through the ice. it's like paradise here!

    wait is crystal considered the "wet side"? i can't figure this all out. west side, east side, wet side, dry side. do the mountains seperate the sides? what happens if you're in the mountains? what side do you belong to?
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    That's not powder, that's wet snow. Two different things that look the same, like the diff between a taint and a choad.

    I don't think it matters what side you are on; being this close to the temperate temps of the ocean, the snow is going to be heavier than that of the inland ranges, and the true powder like that of Utah and NM up through Alberta.
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    There's a difference between powder and alot of snow. For example powder is easy to move in, Cement, is not. :D
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    Kinda feel compelled to chime in on this one. Not sure why, my story seems pretty much on par here. I just love to fish. Always have. I've been on this Earth 29 years, and can honestly say I've been fishing since I was 3 or 4.

    It didn't hurt growing up with George McLeod as a grand-dad, and having family property along the banks of the NF Stilly. I'm not trying to brag or name drop, these are the facts and I feel a strong connection to these people and that place, and they are the reasons I do what I do.

    Grandpa got me into this lifestyle by taking me trout fishing as a kid. I have been places riding piggyback on his back, wearing old hip boots 6 sizes to big, and carrying an old Lamiglass that cast like rebar that many people don't know exist. Many still hold fish, and have had significant reductions in access over the years due to gating. The NF Stilly valley and drainage is a wondrous place to spend your summers growing up. Trout is definitely my preferred species and I'm sure its because of those early years, but I've recently began experimenting with a new drug, steelhead. Its a powerful high.

    I grew up here, and for the most part have stayed here. I have been a bit of a late bloomer and just recently received a BSME from Central Wa. Before that I turned wrenches professionally. Hell I've probably worked on more than a couple of cars owned by board members. VW, Audi, Subaru, Volvo anyone? I just married last June and so far its awesome. She's learning to fish and even spent a weekend on a deer hunt with me this past fall, she knows it comes with the territory, period. I loved living in E-Burg during school and spent many days on the Yak (even some when I should've been in class). I've enjoyed exploring a few other locales within our state, but my heart is most certainly tied to the Stilly.

    My new degree has allowed a new career, which is really only funding my habit. I have recently taken the step into rod building, and in an effort to spend a bit more time with my younger brother, I am building him his first real rod for Christmas this year. 5wt. so we can go find some trout on an S. river soon. I work a 4x10 schedule that allows me to pursue this addiction a little bit more than most working stiffs, and that's nice. I could use a few more fishing partners (who couldn't) as I prefer to be out with others than alone. So that should sum it up I guess.
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    it was easy to move in. dammit! it was powder! trust me. it was powder. it looks liked powder, it tasted like powder. it was fluffy. it felt like you could make a pillow out of it. there was just too much it! they closed down half the beginner run because it was on a side slope which collected too much snow. that much "powdery" snow is like quick sand for anyone who is learning how to snowboard. if this wasn't powder then i don't know how snow could get more powdery. could it not have been powder? this was the lightest wet snow i've ever seen.

    dave, what's up with you and ass balls today?
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    It's Wadin' Boot's fault.:clown:
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    Dave, did you ever happen to eat Pizza by Alex while in Biddeford?
    Oh man, I'm getting homesick...
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    on the topic of food on the east coast: i miss the sandwich shops.
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    I ate at this burger joint in west hartford CT last week called Plan B, that actually had a few micros on tap that was hella expensive but very good. Only burger that compares to the melrose bar in melrose MT. :):beer1:

    OBTW: the salmon river is over exaggerated for fish size. Good fishing I guess though. I think that those guy's cut the first 4 inches off their tapes.
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    Boot....you freekin kill me....:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Been there, done that in Melrose! Good stuff! I'm friends with Eric and Ryan who now own the Sunrise Fly Shop...
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    Wayne, yeah, that place was amazing. Funny, too, because between the ages of 14 all the way through college, I worked delivering pizza. I guess I kinda left my career in the pizza industry outta my story. Still my favorite food.

    Rick, that's an entirely different thread, but no offense, you have no idea what you are talking about if you only fished the Salmon the one time. No big fish? Twenty plus pound steelhead are caught there every single year. 20 pound browns, 25 pound coho, 40 pound kings. It may be a very artificial fishery, but one thing you can not say about it is that the fish are small!