What 7/8 rod for under $500 are happiest with?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by skitterbug, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. What rods have you been satisfied with for under $500, which ones for use with a Skagit line, Scandi line. A rod that works with most lines?

  2. You might be able to find a Z-axis 7136 or 8129 for that, now that they are discontinued. I have the 8129 and it throws both a skagit and afs lines with ease. I love it.
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  3. Mine would be the used Sage Z Axis 8129 that I got a few years ago for $500 or $550. Makes me look like I know what I'm doing, and I really don't have a clue.
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  5. Beulah Classic are nice rods at under 500$
    Redington Cpx...probobly the Prospecter sereies too
    TFO Deer Creek are nice.
    What length and weight are you thinking?
  6. Echo makes some awesome rods in that price range. After casting one, I just ordered a 10'10" 6wt switch-beautiful rod that looks like it should cost a lot more. Rick
  7. I have a Amundson windwarrior 12'6" 7/8 weight, I'm just not sure about the action or whether it's a decent rod. Looking to upgrade eventually, after I slowly save up enough dough. And a good used rod is in the cards aswell.
    What lines are you throwing on the z axis 8129?

    Only interested in spey rods, not interested in switch rods.

  8. Madison River fly co. currently has a good deal on the Sage Z-axis...
  9. Throwing a custom Steve Godshall 575 grain line on mine. Started with an Airflo 600 and then backed it down a touch and Steve shortened mine a touch too.
  10. That rod rocks with a Rio AFS 7/8 , or an Airflow Compact Scandi in the 450 grain range .
  11. What tips are you throwing with the afs and compact scandi?
    What action would you consider the wind warrior have?

    thanks cmann for the link
  12. When I was looking at buying a used Z-87129 recently, I talked to Chris Anderson at Sage and he told me that it was one of his favourite rods. He said that a Skagit 625 was about perfect on the rod.

    When I bought the rod, I received a 600 Skagit Compact with it. Rather than ignore the "free" line I decided to try it. I put a T-11 tip on it and it casts beautifully. Makes me feel like a Jedi...near-as-nevermind effortless.
  13. I'm throwing a 600 gr. Skagit Flight and an 8/9 AFS. Although after spending the summer with my 6 wt. VXP, I'm now looking at going down to a 570 Compact Skagit or taking Ed's advice on contacting Steve Godshall.
  14. I only use 10 foot poly leaders with these lines . Pick your sink rate .
    The action is fairly fast - especially the upper third of the blank . If you`ve ever cast a Loomis Stinger in the 12.5 foot configuration , you`d find the actions eerily similar .
  15. Thanks Brian, I've heard the max with the AFS line is t-8 10', are you going heavier than that?

    Thanks for the feedback Steffan, Ed, Rick and Macsuibhe. I guess other than the Z Axis 8129, people aren't satisfied with their rod for under 500 ;-).

  16. I also have a 10' 8" Beulah Platinum 7wt. Switch. This is really a sweet rod. Took me some time to feel it but lined out...as Beulah and Rio suggest at 425 Skagit...it's a rocket. I had a certified Spey casting instructor remark what a great rod it was and almost everyone who casts it, loves it.

    Too bad, it's mine...mine, I tell you. My precious...:)
  17. Is the $500.00 mark a budget you are on? Are you looking for the best performance/price ratio? 'Cause honestly, I think it's pretty tough to find a truly bad rod these days, and frankly, price has nothing to do with how well a rod will perform in your hands. Provided of course you have the correct line for the rod and the application you are using it for.

    Many of the best rods I own were downright cheap in the overall scheme of things. Hands down the best rod (at any price) I've ever owned is my Echo classic 8136. Followed closely by my Meisers. Lotta leeway there.

    Are you looking for something really specific? Within reason, a well designed rod ought to be able to handle most, if not all, different line types.

    In terms of new, currently available rods, you could do worse than the TFO deer creek line up. On the used market, you can find darn near anything for 500 or less if you look around a bit.
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  18. TCX 7126, the death star. Sold to finance a trip to Canada. The trip was worth it, but like an ex-girlfriend, I miss that rod bad, and and anticipate a future encounter. Smooth skagit machine; throws the chickens and the sink tips like no other; powers scandis through the wind.
  19. VXP 7133 460 afs 500gr skagit, altho, i've seen used burkies for that price.
    i'd go that route if you can be patient.
  20. I picked up a Beulah Platinum, 8124, awesome rod, very glad i bought it, and makes me want to pick up another one just in case! and comes in around the 500 $ mark. And for sub 500$, you can't go wrong with the deer creek rods.
    And the Beulah's throw a wide range of skagit lines with ease.

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