What a beatiful day to fish yesterday! More hook review

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Alexander

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    Nice and sunny and not too cold. :). Thought I'd go and venture out so I hit Twanoh in the salt. Holy crap! Is it always that windy there? I don't fish on the HC a whole lot, hardly at all. Anyhow I fished it and used the wind to my advantage but it got old. So I drove back to my local water and fished my new lite brite tied flies on my Mustad SS Circle streamer hooks to continue my personal research regarding this hooks performance with SRC fishing. The beach I fish has been hit and miss as of late but I keep going back. The wind was blowing there as well onto shore, so I waded out, turn around and cast back to shore. Well, it paid off, caught a few nice Cutties exceeding a foot in length. I'm noticing that the hooks work great, however a size 4 is a little too big IMHO. The flies were a bit long but that's what's been working, about 3" in length. The hook goes into the side of the mouth but comes out too close near the eye. Last night I tied some up in size 6 and 8's but they seem a tad small the way the hook gap runs. We'll see how they fare. The barbs are so small and thin that when you pinch them down they are pretty much non-existent making hook removal very easy and effortless. So far I really do like this hook, it really fully hooks the fish (the way it goes in and wraps around so to speak). Guess I'll have to wait a few days to fish again, the tides are getting funky and it's family time. :)
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  2. Danielocean

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    Sounds like a great time. I have still yet to try fishing the salt. Sure want to.
  3. holtad

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    Funny, I almost hit up the south HC yesterday as well but got turned away by the wind. Today is looking better and so is the rest of the week so I'm hoping to get out one of these days while I'm off.
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  4. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    I really have to force myself to venture out from my favorite water and every time I do, I seem to be disappointed and return back to my spot. It took me some time to figure out this spot so I guess it will take me time to figure out other spots. Finding SRC in the salt is definitely a challenge.

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could tag all the fish we caught (as SRC fishermen) and track their movements by way of gps or something? It would be really interesting to see how these fish move about etc. It would be cool if they had gps apps and little tags that went along with it so you could do your own research.
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  5. Stonefish

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    I doubt that searuns travel very far from their spawning streams.
    I caught the same fish two years in a row at nearly the same time of year and spot on the beach.
  6. SilverFly

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    Circle hooks rock. They are so much easier on the fish and almost never come unbuttoned if you get a good grab. Just let them take it and come tight without setting the hook (that's the hard part.) You're right about the Mustads (C17?) being essentially barbless to start with. I don't think barbs are needed anyway since the hooks always seem to "rotate" securely into the corner of the mouth. Sizes 6 and 8 may seem small but should be fine for cutties and adult salmon too. I have caught numerous steelhead and a few coho on #8's using an intermediate line when estuary fishing.
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  7. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Yep, C71's Pictured from top to bottom, size 4, 6 and 8.

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  8. Preston

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    It is unlikely that sea-run cutthroat in Puget Sound ever venture much more than thirty miles from their natal streams. In the open ocean research vessels have caught them as much as sixty miles off the Oregon coast (but still within the Columbia River's freshwater plume). Along the Washington coast cutthroat normally move 8 to 10 miles off the coast to get out of the unfriendly environment of the immediate coastal zone. But in the sheltered waters of Puget Sound they remain relatively close to the beaches and show a strong disinclination to cross areas of deep water.

    In the highly productive water of some large estuaries cutthroat will sometimes spend almost the entire period of of their saltwater residence in their brackish tidal waters.
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  9. skyrise

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    fished the west side of HC. friday was tough until the wind died down, no fish that day. saturday was slow until the tide started to go out and the sun was on the down side. in a wink they were on the oyster beds. landed 1, missed maybe 6. fun to see them prowling the beds like little sharks. and just like that it was over.
    note to self: bring a floater from now on. that way i can fish a popper and maybe not spook them so much. now get to tying up more ideas.
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  10. Jeff Sturm

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    Glad to see another Everett-based chaser of SRCs…thought I was the only crazy one taking the ferry and driving around looking for those guys!

    I also had no luck on Friday (started at my lucky spot in the S. Sound and moved to a new, fishy looking beach on east side of Hood Canal for the ebb)…still trying to decide which day to try it this week.

    I usually start with a popper to see if there is anyone around--in my limited experience if their there, they'll hit the popper. I'm usually 20% at sticking them with the popper. Popper plus four different streamer patterns with nothing, nada, zilch...

    Anyhow, I don't feel so silly driving 150+ miles roundtrip chasing SRCs from Everett now. I like the steelhead, but I don't like the crowds over here...

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  11. skyrise

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    bulldogge, i too will chase the searuns. if i have the time that is. yeah dont like the crowds/boats and all with the steelhead scene. wish we had better beaches up this way for searuns though. one thing i noticed this weekend was that the bright and flashy flies got no interest at all. used the olive over white which got many plucks and nabs. so i need to tie up some more somber toned fly's for the box.