What about all the 35mm gear?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Mike Etgen, May 5, 2009.

  1. Okay, y'all...

    The dilemma is that my sweet bride splurged on a Canon EOS-40D digital SLR recently, which instantly obsoleted my accumulation of Pentax 35mm film gear.

    I know the 35mm market is in pretty much gone - or so I would guess. I also understand that some standard 35mm lenses will work with some of the digital SLR bodies. So - should I just try to sell off the entire Pentax collection, or should I look for possible trades with a Pentax digital SLR owner who may have the complementary dilemma?

    Or, do any of you know of any die-hard Pentax 35mm devotees who might like to see a listing of what I've got?
  2. why not just use it still? its not like digital is the end all of photography. you can still shoot slides and such with it. if you do decide to sell it i doubt your gonna get a decent price but it wouldnt hurt to try i suppose. maybe sell it to a photography student?
  3. To tell the truth, I'd kind of fallen out of love with photography in the last couple of years. I know my wife means well and wants me to get excited about it again, hence the expensive new outfit. She also knows I'm a little slow to take a stab at new technology. I know I need to give this new gear a try, and it seems a shame to have all this really good 35mm stuff collecting dust.

    It'd be no different if I'd been given a great new rod to try out. You kind of feel you have to show a little appreciation.

    I'd love to find someone who'll actually use and enjoy some or all of it. I'd even considering donating it, lock, stock and barrel, to the right party or institution.

    I've cataloged it and along with two bodies, I have about 6 to 8 lenses and 6-8 filters, plus two flash units.

    I think I'll put it on Craigslist and see where it goes.
  4. Check out the prices on ebay for your equipment first Mike. I had no idea the old film equipment "junk" I had was so appealing to others. Got 700 plus shipping for a body and two lenses.
  5. Take Chris's advice. I fell in love with photography back in highschool...20 years ago...ie old school 35mm. I love black and white and the dark room. There are still people out there who do not use the new digital stuff, or atleast still dably with 35mm.
    I'd be up to talking to you about buying your gear...but I have this new obession FLY FISHING AND TYING. It's drainig all my money (what little there is) and now I'm already looking at a new rod,reel and vise (I've only been out fly fishing 3 times)...wife is building up a lot of IOU's.
    The short of it: there is someone out there that will buy it.
  6. Thanks, Chris...

    I was definitely going to check Ebay and get a sense of the market. I posted a Craigslist ad late last night and I'm definitely surprised at the number and speed of the inquiries. Understanding that maybe 25% are earnest, there's still potential.


    I totally understand. I think I could even blame my lapse in photogrsphy activity to that very same obsession. Not convinced the new digital toy will fix that, but just to keep from hurting my wife's feelings, I have to give it a try...;)

    Sure you don't want to take a look? It doesn't cost anything to look....;)

    When I cash out the Pentax gear...where do I spend that...hmmm....hmmm :hmmm:

    Thanks, guys.

  7. Keep in mind that there is still a market for old Pentax lenses because many of them will still work on the newer Pentax digital SLR's.
  8. What size and kind of filters do you have I would be interested if you have a 77mm polarizer.
  9. So I just pulled out my old camera bag of 35mm. Canon EOS rebel with a POS lens, Olympus OM2000 body with three great lenses. Polarizing filters and a few Cokin kits. Now I know I can use the lens on a canon digital, what about the Olympus? Any help would be appreciated.

  10. I don't a polarizing filter in that size. I have 2 49mm and 1 58mm. Thanks for asking.
  11. The short answer is: No there's nothing much you can do with them. The medium answer is: Yes, you could use them manually with an adapter on a couple digital SLR's. The long answer has to do with learning about the Olympus four-thirds camera system.

    Essentially, for the average person, it's not really worth dealing with using old olympus lenses on a digital SLR. I can explain further if you like, but that's my basic advice.
  12. Yeah, I googled. There is an adapter, but no auto focus, etc. If I could drop that much fer a body, I'd blow it on a rod.
  13. I still have my old Minoltas. Ones I took to Europe with me in 87' when I was an exchange student (though my big lens was stolen). I've always been tempted to bring it out of retirement. Take it in and have it refurbished. I still have my old Yellow Minolta waterproof camera as well. I really can't bear to sell either. So they just stay. But my son is taking a liking to taking pictures. At least with these old cameras, they make you become a photographer.
  14. The last year before I went digital my film and processing bill (99% slides) was over $6,000. And a friend with a lab did most of my processing for almost nothing... Now I have huge boxes of slides I can not begin to catalog...

    Needless to say I have not had to spend that kind of money on film, so my lens selection is awesome! Love the big white ones...

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