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  1. So I am currently living in socal, troutless, and I found a bunch of bucket mouths at a local city pond. What would be good to try. I tossed all kinds of flies at them. Tried a few poppers in various colors as well. No takers. One guy was hooking them on worms I think. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Also techniques!! Read a few off of google, but would like to hear what you guys have done.

  2. Try woolley buggers in various colors. Fish are fish, and woolley buggers are woolley buggers.
  3. Bass suck and I hate them.
  4. Now Andy, Bass are Fish too. Be kind to those Bass, you may need a bass as friend someday.

    Read all about Bass Flies on this site.

    I would use very large leach patterns or very large streamer patterns and fish them deep.

  5. Think big. Big buggers are good. I make up my own concoctions with rabbit strips, barbell eyes and lots of rubber legs. Six inches long or so. Stuff that moves a lot is good.

    Crayfish patterns twitched along the bottom, and baitfish patterns.

    edit: and look for cover. Anything that is different from the rest of the pond. Rocks, trees, weeds. A lot of times that's where they'll be congregating.
  6. One word......clouser
  7. best time to do is in the heat of the summer to use poppers, and bitch creek flies too
  8. Time of day can make a big difference as well. Try first light/last light.
  9. i think your best times will be ccoming up pretty soon when they spawn and are guarding their beds. big stuff works...leeches, buggers, etc. for the spawn. poppers and topwater will be better later in the summer.
  10. That is by far my favorite smallie and bucket mouth fly, white on olive with a little flashabou tied between. I also like the Dahlburgs Diver, I am sure I just butchered his name, it has a cool action to it when stripped in three foot lengths. Pause, strip, pause.
  11. Yup. I use chart over white kiptail with a dash of flash and the more chewed up they get....the better they work. Pause, strip, pause, strip...wham! Fished on a local lake last year with a buddy on his bass boat. He was slinging spinnerbaits on the bow all day and the clousers were nailing 3 to 1 over him. When we loaded the boat, he went strait home and started hunting for a flyrod....
  12. There is something about that jigging motion that bass fricking love, damn I cant wait for april.
  13. Deer hair mice
    Deer hair frogs
    Deer hair bubble bees
    Deer hair yellow perch
    yellow and white Clouser
    Black Clouser
    Black Dance
    Wooly Buggers Purple, Black, Brown, Grey, etc
    hex nympths
    adult Damsel flies
    elk hair caddis { I have caught a few bass on these fishing for trout}
    large foam spiders
    Heck Bass are not that picky and will often hit any thing that they can get their mouth around.
  14. If all that other stuff doesn't work, try small. Try the same stuff you would with trout. I know it goes against convential wisdom, but there's a whole world out there of great things that at one time went against convential wisdom. Bass are opportunistic feeders, and they will eat insects even when they themselves are quite large. Try it, if it doesn't work after you've tried all the big stuff, then nothing lost. Good luck.

  15. This time of year you are goig to have a hard time catching them on the surface. They are lethargic, and slow to chase something. I would suggest trying an articulating bunny leach.
  16. Man, you guys told him to use everything but chiro's. Just use something with some action on it. The rubber leg deals will probably work well. But, everyone's right, bass are usually not to picky.
  17. Plus, this time of year, wont they be down deep?
  18. Up here yes, but he's down in socal.
  19. makes sense

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