What about Bass?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by hbstriker, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. hbstriker

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    Yup, and its been consistently 70+ for the past few weeks, even on the coast, where I am at. I am sure they have started spawning, since I saw 2 just sitting in less than a foot of water, right on the concrete bank definitly guarding something, probably could have reached down a picked it out of the water. The pond itself is entirely concrete, no more than 3 feet deep, with no structures at all. They stock trout every other week, but they are oblivious to what a they eat in nature, and flies don't work for them. By the time the cormorants, bass and people are done, no more trout, w/in days:eek:
  2. Kevin J. Burnham

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    Hey man you scout out the Bass for me !!! I'll be down for my nephews wedding later this summer. I fished Lake Casitas as a kid !!!
  3. reverse spider

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    the bass are guarding their nests, and will strike at anything that comes near them, it is up to you but I would wait until they are done spawning to go after them with white wooley buggers
  4. Kevin J. Burnham

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    The big females leave usually right after spawning. So if you see them up shallow at least in the local lakes around here they are looking for nesting spots. It is a very small window of opportunity.
  5. Porter

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    As mentioned before....poppers/baiters/ and even frog walkers. I like using a soft/medium 7 weight with a DT and 8-10 foot leader....cast into pads and strip away or cast adjacent and strip the sides of pads. The DT is great for roll casting and repositioning the line as you move along in boat or tube....by the way it seems I catch perch the majority of the time with this strategy...but hey!! and sometimes...the san juan worm can work magic too :) :)
  6. Jon Williams

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    Something to remember with Bass...it's not what you throw at them, it's how you make it look. If you're going for a instinctive strike, strip the crap out of your line but you'll have to pretty much land it right on top of him. If you're looking for a "tasty" strike, strip SLOW and throw in a small jerk every now and then (shouldn't be too hard to find in SoCal.)

    Seeing how you're down in SoCal. you'll want to make sure you only use LOW CARB flies....sorry, I couldn't help it.

    Good luck.

    Ex-SoCal Fisherman