what adhesive to use on fiberglass?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. My bow piece of my drift boat is coming off. I'm going to refinish the boat eventually but need a solid fix for now. It is not damaged. Just whatever they used to glue it finally came apart on the port side. Should I use a 2 part epoxy? I have a system in place to hold boat together once I glue it. Just checking what consensus is on what to use. It's my Eastside. Need to get her fixed this weekend.
  2. As well as your biscuits and gravy stick to my gut, I'd say that. I keed, I keed...
  3. As well as your biscuits and gravy stick to my gut, I'd say that. I keed, I keed...
  4. I would say 3m 5200 but a photo I would like to see exactly what the bow piece and substrate look like.

    If you want, drop it off at the shop. You will get it back in 24 hours
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  5. The boat was originally made with polyester resin, and epoxy generally doesn't make a good bond with it. Try 3M 5200. You can get it at any marine store. Don't use it if you ever want to get the pieces apart again. It's a pain in the but to remove.
  6. Sorry, Jerry, I don't know what a bow piece is. That being said, epoxy will work if this piece is never to be removed, remember to rub the surface with mineral spirits or better yet acetone to remove amine blush and such first. 3M 5200 will also work, but it's tough to mix in small quantities, and is often thick like caulking ... it is in fact a bedding compound.

    I like 3M 4200 for gunwale or other pieces I need to remove, it sticks almost like 5200, but you don't have to grind it off to remove the part later.

    If the bow piece is the part you hook to the trailer winch, which I'd call a bow eye, I'd bed it in 4200 and through-bolt to a hardwook backer. I did that on my eastsider, and it looked fine and was water tight.

    I think between this and the above excellent advise, you're up to date on googypucker....smear and go!

  7. I guess I should've called it the bow shelf. Its the triangular piece where the leg brackets are. .allot of guys put their fly boxes and misc up there while fishing.

    Thanks Ross. Unfortunately I only have a couple hours max available this weekend and need to have it ready by next Friday. If I lived closer I'd be right there.

    I know about the cleaning. I've done gel coat work etc but never had to glue fiberglass together. I'll see what they have at west marine. Just know that I've been steered wrong by salesman why I wanted to ask first. Thanks
  8. Ah, that piece. Here's what I did to mine. Do it all the way on both sides from the bow back to the knee brace upright. It's an hour of work, and an overnight cure.

    Buy some epoxy, and some fibreglass tape, I'd use 4 inch. Sand the face of the edges a bit with a sander, and rough up the part where it joins the hull. Spread some epoxy on the hull and the piece the width of the fiberglas tape you've bought, then lay a piece of fiberglass tape in that epoxy. Mix more epoxy and fill the weave. Masking along the edges will help keep things neat and tidy, remove the masking before the epoxy cures.

    That's what I did on my old eastsider, and it was a permanent fix. You can do the underside some other day if you wish, but I never needed to. And of course you can paint and such but if you're in a hurry, it'll be fine.

    Go forth and float good things.
  9. 3M 5200 comes in standard caulking gun tubes and is easy to apply. Never seen it in a mixable format. It is designed for all marine applications where a permanent bond is required. Only use it on things you don't ever want to take apart. It also take 4-5 days to fully cure so be patient.

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