What are humpies good for? Stage 5?

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  1. Had good times with the kids and the humpies this year as usual. Managed to get all 8 kids into salmon. Several kids caught several salmon. A few actually did the casting, hooking, landing for the first time this year. But for the most part, I hook them and hand them the rod. Sorry, but not all fly fishing. Kids don't care either way...

    Note - none of these salmon were snagged or even flossed\lined. And no trash was left behind. For some reason, a huge percentage of the folks we came accross, inlcuding other parents with kids, didn't seem get either of those concepts...

    A few video links. Can't figure out how to embed them:

    My twin 6 year olds:
    Brenden's first fishing trip ever. I think he likes it :)

    How does Brenden feel about his first salmon??

    Ran the 2 oldest down the river one afternoon and each caught one. One of these was actually good enough for the BBQ. The others we kept this year whent to feed my pigs.


    Took the neighbor kid with us this time and here my son holds the boy's first fish ever:

    Then is was my son's turn:

    Another day, my oldest son comes with me and gets some including this nice buck:

    We didn't let high muddy water stop us from catching several. This is my church pastor's son with my son:
  2. Love pink season for taking my family/non fishing friends out. Looks like you guys had a blast.
  3. Great to get kids out and into fish.
  4. Great pictures and memories they will have the rest of their lives.
  5. Awesome pictures! The smiles tell it all

    Tried getting my daughter out but she was too scared to be pulled in by one. She wouldn't ever touch the rod if one was on. She has two years to get ready!
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  6. Looks like you found what humpies are good for. Nice work!
  7. Awesome.
  8. Great pictures, smiles say it all. And you raise pigs, thats a win in my book. We used to raise Large Black Hogs (actually founded the breed association with some other nuts).

    Love home raised pork....sorry I went all NFR.
  9. One like simply doesn't do this post justice. Great pics!!!! There is nothing quite like the joy on a kids face when they catch a fish. Great post. Thanks for sharing
  10. I love the "How does Brenden feel about his first salmon??" picture. It doesn't get better than that.
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  11. Thanks guys. Was reflecting on some of the fishing I did with the boys when they were younger and found myself in my gallery on this site - where does the time go??

    ***warning - thread hijack as this is no longer about humpies...****

    This was 10 year ago. Ethan was 2 and I had him wrestling a 15lb chum. He thought that was pretty cool:
    Probably the following spring in a small pond crappie fishing:
    A few years later, still same kid:
    His younger brother about 5 years ago at Pass Lake fighting a nice brown trout:
    Ryland again a few years before that:

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