What are some good lakes around seattle?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Redcat22, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Redcat22

    Redcat22 Born to fish forced to work!

    What are some good lakes to fly fish around Seattle. I know and love pass lake but was wondering if there was any closer. Thanks KC
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  3. Jim Hewitt

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    Some of the lakes I enjoy fishing are off of I-90....Rattlesnake is always fun. I enjoy it because it is a very beautiful setting....no houses on the lake, awesome mountain views surround it, lots of osprey and eagles, and the fishing is usually pretty good. Also, Beaver lake and Pine although last I looked they didn't stock it yet this year. Anyone know why that is? Anyway, those are some of the standard lakes around here.
  4. Trout Master

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    dont know about pine ,but the beav has been planted a few times this year.
  5. Birdsnest

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    Given that opening day of the lowland lake trout opener is this weekend, most of the lowland lakes that aren't yr round will be good for the next 2-3 weeks. The whoppers are few and far between, but lots of 10-12 inchers if you find a good lake. Check the WDFW website for specific lakes. I used to fish McMurray, but haven't been there in probably 10 years.
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    What part of Seattle do you live in? If you live in the southern reaches and have a car, hopping on I-90 and heading to Issaquah for Pine and Beaver or past North Bend to Rattlesnake are good ideas. If you live in the north side of things, then you might consider Green Lake or even Haller Lake for a quick fix. I've fished all of these and found good things to be found in all of them. Haller is kind of fun, because it's well surrounded by trees, thus it stays well shaded when the sun is putting down fish at other places. I'm not sure how well the lake does for carry-over trout, but I suspect that it does better than people think.

    --Dave E.
  7. Old Man

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    Just get a map of Seattle and look for the blue spots. Lots of little lakes in Seattle. Most if not all have fish in them.

  8. Redcat22

    Redcat22 Born to fish forced to work!

    I leave in beacon hill so pretty much downtown. I know there are a lot of lakes i was just wondering if there where any lakes like pass lake closer to Seattle. Thanks for all the post guys.

  9. yellowlab

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    Greenlake... I fished it yesterday with a good Chironomid hatch coming off and the swallows were working hard.
  10. scottflycst

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    Give Lake Ballinger a try. I've had some good times there.
  11. ceviche

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    When you say "closer to Seattle," could you give us a time-spent-driving frame? That would help those in the know. Giving us your Seattle neighborhood starting point will also help, as there is a significant difference between driving through downtown traffic and not having to.

    --Dave E.
  12. Stonefish

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    Bitter Lake
  13. Redcat22

    Redcat22 Born to fish forced to work!

    I live right by where I-90 meets I-5. So on the south end of Seattle. I was hoping to find one like 30 min to 1 hour driving time.

    Thanks KC
  14. Tim Morrison

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    i say green lake its well within an hour and it can be very good fishing. plus there is carp in there too:thumb:
  15. ceviche

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    Pine, Beaver, Alice, Rattlesnake, and Langlois are all about an hour (or less) from your location. Drive east on I-90 to find these lakes--and use a Gazetteer to find the roads. Greenlake is less, as well as Angle by SeaTac. I once caught a 21" rainbow out of Angle. That was the first trout I caught on a fly rod, and that happened in the first week of January, several years ago.

    You might also consider some of the lakes of South King County. North Lake, by the Weyerhauser headquarter (just off of I-5 via, I think, the 320th Street exit) can provide some good fish. There is a deep spot that helps the carry-overs and plenty of lily pads to host bug habitat. Look up the stocking report on the WDFW website to see what you can expect there. I think triploids can be found there. The same can be said for Meridian, though you best have a map to figure out how to get there. That lake might take you to your 1 hour limit of driving, because of the stop lights getting there.
  16. I was thinking the Rattle/Langlois...all quite close 40 minute drive. Nice thing about Rattle is the MF & SF are there in the evenings if there happens to be no particular hatch occuring on the Snake. Lots of good tuck aways real close.
  17. ceviche

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    Oh! At Langlois, you have to be careful about the logs in the water that practically wall in the boat launch. It's as if there's this self-imposed draft limit at this lake. Pontoon boats, inflatable rafts, and canoes (maybe) can skim over, but float tubes can often have a heck of a time if your butt hangs too deep in the water.

    --Dave E.
  18. kamishak steve

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    believe it or not lake washington can be pretty fun from a pontoon boat in the right places when the water starts to warm but before the eurasian milfoil bloom explodes. it can be intimidating because it its size, but there are mega trout in there and they still have to eat.
  19. Greg Armstrong

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    Also try Shady, Fenwick and Shadow. All were good when I fished them, although it's been a few years. All are w/in 1 hour as well. Let us know how you do!
  20. I have never fished it, but I have heard that Echo Lake on Aurora has some fish in it. Also, on aurora (within a mile or two of Krispy Kreme, sorry I am a landmark guy, and there is only one of those on aurora) there are a few small lakes that I believe are stocked.