What are some good lakes around seattle?

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  1. "believe it or not lake washington can be pretty fun from a pontoon boat in the right places when the water starts to warm but before the eurasian milfoil bloom explodes. it can be intimidating because it its size, but there are mega trout in there and they still have to eat."

    I have heard that they quit stocking Lk Washington with trout. Has anybody noticed a significant difference in the quality of the fishing? I have tried fishing Lake Washington for trout quite a few times over the years. I have caught a few (on gear and flies), but never any consistency.
  2. The put-in for the lake is just south of Costco, across the street south from Home Despot and the Costco gas station. The parking lot (rather small) is at the northeast corner of the lake. You have to carry your tube or 'toon about 100ft to the water.

    From my experience, the southwest end of the lake can be productive. The condo/apartments provides shade from the sun, so fish tend to congregate there. The water is kind of shallow there, but I think there might be a drop-off that holds fish. There are also lilypads along the west shore. Think bug habitat, and you should find fish.

    You should stand warned, at this point, that sometimes sketchy-looking people hang out at the park by the put-in. Don't leave valuables where they can be seen. You are, after all, fishing really close to Aurora Ave.

    Tight Lines!
    --Dave E.
  3. Teal Lake on the west side of the Hood Canal Bridge is a good bet. Nice fish, good dry action in the evening and a beautiful little lake (no houses) that reminds me of some of the lakes in BC. Try an olive leech, carey or bugger if they aren't on the emergers or dry's.
  4. Scottflycst -
    Where is the public access on Lake Ballinger? I live in the vicinity and drive by it a lot, but have never seen a launch site.
  5. Dave -- Thanks for mentioning this...I've seen the pictures of some mishaps at Langlois and I will take this into full consideration after purchasing a brand new tube. Great assertation.:thumb:
  6. Lake Washington fishes well for cutthroats (both residents and sea-runs) from about late September through late April. Now is the best time...right now. They are in the shallow littoral areas and they are huge. Some of these fish are, no joke, in excess of 4-6 lbs. I have yet to hook one on a fly rod, but with my gear I've just had 5, 10, 15 fish days out there just off Waverly Park. Talk about a good put in! That park is awesome and if you do get blown off the lake...it blows you to the north which is the direction you'd be flippining anyways...LW cutts and bows and adapted to their surroundings better than any other specieis of fish in that lake. Curt can contest to that. The fish are there, gear guys usually out pace the fly guys by a fair margin. I'd rather avoid the shinanigans once May hits and boating season starts...that's why I said...late Sept - mid-late-April...PM for more details, if so desired.
  7. Richard:

    There are 2 access points on the lake, A nice park on the East side (between the golf course on the North and the Nile course to the South)
    has a dock and boat ramp. On the West side there is a primitive boat launch off of Mcaleer Way.


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