what are you currently tying?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    The latest pattern I'm on is #14 thorax calibaetis. In the past month I've done Olive Willys, Drunken Dragons, woolly buggers, san juan worms, a number of small scuds and a ton (for me) of chironimids.

    I have/had plans on tying the thorax calibaetis down to #16 and up to #12 to cover late and early emergences. The Tiemco 900BL hooks seem to be smaller than a dry fly Mustad in #14's.
  2. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    I tied some elk hair caddis for my sister in law and now working on Skip Morris Thunderdome emergerpattern from FR&R. Also doing some matching Thunderdome Chironomids, maybe beyond Thunderdome.

    Evergreen fly fly tying class has started so I will be getting lots of inspiration and patterns over the next dozen weeks.
  3. fisherjon Member

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    i have been tying alot chironmids then some woolly buggers mostly
  4. speyflyfisher Member

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    Since you asked! A Jock Scott on a home made 3/0 playfair limerick. The trout stuff can wait for a month or two and the steelhead box is full enough.
  5. Chad Lewis NEVER wonder what to do with your free time

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    I've been concentrating on trout flies lately- the inability to sell my kayak in the middle of winter has torpedoed my spey plans for the time being. I really imagined this winter learning a lot of cool steelhead patterns and casting a ridiculously long rod at fish that aren't there. Oh well, there's always next year.

    I tied some really cool scuds based on Davie McPhail's Marabou bug pattern. I'm especially proud of these. They're "based" on another pattern, but in the fly tying world they're unique enough that they might be eligible to have their own name. Definitely the most personal pattern I've ever done :thumb:
    Tied a couple patterns I saw in Fly Tyer mag- the Versa-midge and Egg-sucking Prince Nymph. Caught two fish on a Griffith's Gnat yesterday, so a few more of those went in the box. I'll probably tie up some more tiny dry flies of the midge persuasion, so I'll have an option to the Griffith's Gnat. And I need some more little black soft hackles; down to one 'cause those darn fish stole the rest.
  6. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    egg sucking pats stones (black and orange), rubber legged copper johns size 12, some sculpins.


    and that rabbit esl is half wet half semi dry, which is why it looks so wierd
  7. Josh Huizar Catch and Release!

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    Currently Working on the "Kinky Muddler", Figure I would start working on tying more saltwater flies.
  8. Brad Niemeyer Old School Member

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  9. Andrew Lawrence Active Member

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    I have been tying up my own version of my friend Nathan Keen’s Sauk Magic Fly.

  10. tpugliese New Member

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    last couple weeks I've tied wooly buggers, mini buggers, carrie specials, carrie buggers, olive willys, ruby eyed leaches, a ton of chironimids, pheseant tail nymphs, all in various sizes and colors. going to start on the foam bugs next.

  11. pirate Member

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    i've been tying lots of Intruders and saltwater flies like surf candies and using the fish skulls... they are quite a fun material to be working with!

    and here's a photo of one of my intruders... i somehow seem to have run into a plateau... wondering how to improve further...

  12. troutdopemagic Active Member

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    Streamers. Big Ones.
    And some tailwater stuff:
  13. pittendrigh Active Member

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  14. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    bonkers. a bugger/zonker hybrid in little tiny #4s. various color combos for winter on montana tailwaters. i'll have to get on to the small stuff for spring now that 100 days of october has finally ended.
  15. Jay C Member

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    After the post about Pass Lake a few days ago. I am tying chiros, buggers and leeches. Now I just need the weather to cooperate, so I can get up there..
  16. Jmills81 The Dude Abides

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    big ass nasty ass tube steelhead flies
  17. trekker Member

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    I've been hooked on Intruders lately.
  18. yuhina Tropical member

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  19. McNasty Canyon Lurker

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    been tyin alot of clousers in various colors/size for the 410 area, big chunky bass streamers, and now skwala's for spring and big ugly foam and non foam terrestrials for summer
  20. kelvin Active Member

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    Very nice