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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jmeti000, Feb 17, 2012.

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    So I just purchased a 12' cataraft and to save me the hassle of having to inflate and deflate everytime I take it out I am looking at getting a trailer for it. Was considering a utility trailer or a boat trailer, but I tend to be a tinkerer and like to modify things (who doesnt). Anyways, just looking for ideas and what setups ya'all use to haul these around (pics would be great too :).


  2. BDD Active Member

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    There is a trailer in the classifieds for sale. Looks kinda cool, the bunkers may be a little small for a 12 footer but could be increased in size as needed.

    Before I had my truck, I liked the extra storage space provided by bunkers for gear and oars etc. The only downside is the pontoon rode relatively high. Since I got a truck, I can store stuff in the back so the space under the trailer isn't as important to me but it is still nice to have.

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    I don't have this truck any longer, but when I did, I carried my pontoon (just shy of 12' long, and about 85#) on this over-the-cap Hauler- brand aluminum ladder rack. In the winter, or when I wasn't going to be using the pontoon, or wasn't needing to carry something else on the rack, it was relatively easy to take off, as you can see in the attached picture. The brackets that the ladder rack attached to remained on the truck, beneath the truck cap, which you can also see in this picture.


    I presently have a drift boat trailer, a Triton aluminum utility trailer for my Polaris Ranger side x side (which could also easily double as a pontoon/raft trailer), a Featherlite aluminum car trailer, and a 40' 5th wheel trailer. So, I guess one could say I have a bit of exposure to trailers.

    However, when all is said and done, if you have an appropriate vehicle, then I think there are plenty of reasons to carrry a cataraft in the 12' range on top of a car/truck, and not worry about buying a trailer. Just my opinion.

  4. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Yup, I've carried up to a 16' cataraft fully loaded on top of my old K5 all the time (I had a big travel trailer I was towing behind it). Never had a problem.
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    The time spent inflating should at least be considered relative to the cost of the trailer and storage. If you've got that covered then the next thing is whether or not you care about scratching up your roof. My goal has been to buy a vehicle and drop it off at the graveyard when I'm through with it. Little scratches up high where you can't really see them well don't bug me. All of that being said, there are lots of people putting serious thought into trailer layout and I ain't one to try too hard to talk you out of it. :)

    There is/was a trailer on Red's website. See the sponsor links on the left side of the page.
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    Utility trailer for a 12', 14' or 14'9" boat. Small utility trailer for 8' and 9' boats that I used to have. Utility means you can do something else with them to further justify needing to have them to haul your trailer. Have roof topped my 12' boat and smaller on my SUV. I'd recommend buying a nice pop up tent trailer, big long one, cozy for you and the family or you and the fish camp crew. Put a roof rack on top of it and put your toon atop that rig and travel in supreme style!
  7. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Ok, figured I'd put this one up again. But this is my old 16' Ocelot (this was one of the first boats literally off the Aire production line when I bought it).


    And remember this, I put this up all by myself without any help in form of people or lifting aids.
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    Here is a trailer I built last year to haul my 8' South Fork. It is a 5' x 8' but would probably handle a 12' boat as well. By carrying the boat up high on rails I have the rest of the area beneath for storage. This spring I am adding a hinged top made of fiber glassed and epoxied plywood that the 'toon will ride on and provide locking storage to the trailers contents. I like the trailer because I can use it with 2 different rigs or just hook it to a buddy's rig and have all of my own gear inside. I should add that this trailer will take my new pram inside and sealed up when the top is done.

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    That is a sweet looking trailer, looks very professional. How do you get inside it at this point? I built a taller version last year for the family camping gear. Tarped the top and then bolted supports across the top for the pontoon to sit on. It worked really well, until the axle fried (harbour freight).
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    That is a nice lookin trailer. Roof top hauling is out for me with my jeep. Between the light bar and the aftermarket roof rack already on it it wont fit...besides that, even if I did take it all off its still to short. So it will need to be a trailer. Ive been lookin around at a couple, but down here by the oregon border 99.9% of them arent titled, and from what Ive heard it is kind of a pain to go through the process of doing so. Oh well, will just hafta keep lookin. Thanks for your responses :)

  11. jessejames Flyslinger

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    In regards to the title thing we bought a trailer from aqn Idaho resident w/ no title. took the bill of sale and registration to the independant license place got it all done. Cheap easy.