What are you working on now??

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by charles, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. I thought I would make a place forfly tyers to talk about what you have been working on recently.
    I have been tying different colored bwo. Colors likered, orange, yellow, olive, etc.
    They look pretty good.
    I look forward to seeing what you all are working on
  2. my grades dropped and for my mom to not tell my dad i gave her my vice and other things, i don't get it back until i have all b's and up. semester ends January 30th, grades as of today
  3. Colton, time for a new deal with your mother. Your grades all B or above or she sells all your tying gear in the classifieds and donates the cash to your college fund. You are half way there, but the lower half really need to be your focus. There will be flies to tie later in your life man, right now get all you can out of that school system and every instructor they put in front of you.

    Thanks to someone else in another swap (Erich Tarcha I think) I just got some bird fur spey hackle feathers in the mail. I got some small portions in a bunch of colors to try. That will allow me to put some long wispy hackle over some steelhead patterns.

    I'm also going to do a MOAL search here to find out how to tie this mystical beast. Many have touted its benefits, I should get in on some of that tying action while I'm stuck in the house.
  4. SteelieD, great link, awesome. Is that a color combo that you've used? I might finish mine with a contrasting fishfur hackle just for some more challenge, plus I've got to use the stuff on something. Thank you. I can do that! (so he types confidently)
    What happened to the shotgun avatar? Didn't you have one of your mug looking down the delivery end and showing us the business end?
  5. Blue Doos and Three Dollar Blues:
  6. I was given a new fly box for Christmas, it is one of the waterproof SA boxes with 4 sides. I don't know that I am crazy about the box but I decided to make a dedicated tungsten box. I did a side for each size, 18, 16, 14 and 12, with about 8 to 9 dozen of each. It turned into an OCD quest. Until this weather breaks and I can go back to finishing my boat the quest goes on. I signed up for the trout swap marathon to switch it up some. I'm just finishing up a dozen sparkle stones that are ass kickers in march and april around here for the swap.
  7. :)
    That's SteelieMike.

    I'm gonna try the MOAL's this weekend for the first time, so no color combo's yet. We'll see how it goes.:hmmm:

    Sweet ties and good photography pittendrigh!
  8. Salmon Fly's, Golden's and Skwala's.
  9. Cajun Ticklers for pannies and Electric Rubber Buggers for bows/browns.

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  10. I was doing some "research" on youtube and discovered Davie Mcphail. Great fly tier from Ireland, with about 40-odd videos. So I tied up some shuttlecocks (midge emerger pattern) and foam extended body mayflies from his videos. I've probably watched everything he has on the site and learned a lot in the process. Cool.
  11. Ive been tying up different variations of the "Chum Baby". Really does work good too. Rezzies really love them too, which is nice this time of year. Ive been tying something up that uses the same tying steps as a chum baby, but with different materials. More of a bait fish pattern.
  12. I have been tying everything from size 2 steelhead moal leaches to size 18 chronomids.

  13. I've been working on a six pack of Bud.
  14. OMJ, is that what happened to your melon? Got drunk and scalped? Lose a bet? Trying to draw a picutre of Mumbles' avatar on the back of your head?

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  15. Seen "Hitman" the other day and I admit, I looked for the bar code.
  16. Since Pass was a a bust yesterday, went back to steelhead flies. Here's a Purple Sunrise

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  17. Been busy...

  18. Here's what's coming off the vise lately , though mostly for swingin' to GL's steelhead , I think they should work for smallmouth , walleye and pike in the rivers that I swing a two-hander .


  19. That is some beautiful work, I'm going to have to learn tie the articulated styles one of these days.

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