What are you working on now??

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by charles, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

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    Mike, those are SAAAWEEEET!
  2. chattmr has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)

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    I've been trying to crack the epoxy nut...

  3. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Gr8tlakes Flyer...excellent flies. Kudos on the barbless!
  4. Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

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    gr8lakes, what are you useing for your stinger line? Is it naturally rigid and rides straigh, or are you coating it with something to stiffen it up?
  5. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    I'm working on shrimp that look fairly realistic and have fishable materials that don't fold or foul... here's my latest couple I'll be trying out tomorrow, a little guy for krill (tmc2457 size 12) and a bigger one maybe coonstripe or similar (tmc2457 size 6).

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  6. GR8LAKES FLYER Member

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    I use #50 PowerPro braid . I talked about this material in another thread here . It's not coated , but au-naturel , right off the spool . 350yds for $8 or $10 , cheaper than Fireline , stiffer and the same diameter as #30 Fireline . I use the #50 because in some of the rivers I swing for smallmouth and walleye , I find good size pike and musky . I'm working on another style wadd that incorporates a different method of hook attachment . I'll post pics when I'm done .

    Here's a pic of a similar wadd that enticed my largest walleye (L= 34" , G= 20-1/2") on a two-hander :


    My 12 yr old daughter showed her daddy how quickly she can pick up the spey rod and become da'Queen of musky last year with this next wadd :


    All I could do that day was get smallies .... she went 7 for 8 with muskies ranging from 27" to her 46" mammoth !! I had to carry her backpack back to the truck ..... I was very proud to do so !!!

  7. Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

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    Awsome for you both!!
    last question...
    How do you go about lashing it on? Iv'e heard various ideas on this, but have no experience with them- Do you lash, then go back through the eye, and lash again, or just one time, not through the eye?:confused:
  8. GR8LAKES FLYER Member

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    I make a loop with the PowerPro , push it up through the rear loop .... so it's pointing up as the front loop "eye" , leaving about 1" . I secure the two tag ends along the shank about a 1/4'' .... then stop !! Place the two tag ends through the front loop , pull tight in a downward motion to force the tags through the shank to about 3/4's up the shank..... stop !! Continue to lash the tags with tying thread creating an even base , no spaces . I use a flat nylon thread by Gudebrod . Thickness of 10/0 , strong like bull !!! Bring the thread up to where the tags are through the shank . Now fold over the tags towards the rear eye and double back the thread . Tie off , super glue it . I know it's over-kill but it has not failed yet . Steelies to 15lbs and big Monster Muskies have tried with no avail !!

    The loop is to swap out trailer hooks , in case of damage or to change up the trailer ..... undressed , dressed with feathers , wool/yarn , colour , etc .... Kind of like a convertible type fly .

    Hope that helped !!

  9. Melocity New Member

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    They are called kilowatts, I like the look of them and you can come up with any color combination that you want. I have to start tying those MOALs. I am new to the board but, enjoy it so far. Let me know what you think of these flies

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  10. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Just working on some more steelheads for when the rivers shape up. Hopefully by this weekend :rolleyes: Surgeon General and Winter's Hope

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  11. Tim Overbey New Member

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    Those are all great looking flies. I'm going to try to go to Colorado next month, so I've been working on some Rojo's in red, green, black, and tan. BH Brassie's in copper, red, green, black, and silver. And lastly some Miracle Midge's. I've tied all of these in 18 and 20s, and still have the old Rainbow Warrior and such to tie, but that's my start. Sorry I don't have any pics, my camera can't focus on them.:beer2:
  12. pittendrigh Active Member

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    Wow. Good-looking flies.
    I'd like to see some of those published at:
    http://montana-riverboats.com/Pages/Fly-Tying .............good collection of fly pics there.
    If interested, shoot me an email.
  13. caddis fly New Member

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    I've been doing up some mini intruders to try on cutthroats and rainbows on smaller streams and rivers.
  14. Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

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    sz 10 heavies for spring.

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  15. Jeff Member

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    Very Nice. :thumb:
  16. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    I'm trying to restock my boxes with flies a use a lot of... Mostly PT nymphs, copper johns, black woolly buggers and flesh flies pretty much all I use... WHen my boxes are full I'll start messing around more tying things I probably wont fish
  17. PaulY New Member

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    I am working on flies to be given as gifts to the participants in the "Casting for Recovery " retreat at Seven Pines Lodge in northern Wisconsin this summer. I'm up to ten dozen and still going strong. "Casting for Recovery" is a program designed to introduce Breast Cancer survivors to fly fishing.
  18. fshnazn Member

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    Now, that's a bug factory!

    Here are my recent attempts...

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  19. Loopy Member

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    There are some wonderful patterns here - thanks for sharing. Me I am waiting for some latex to arrive to do some experimenting. Should anything worthy come along then I'll pop up a picture.

  20. Hal Eckert Member

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    Amongst other ones I do not have pictures these: