What are you working on now??

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  1. I would love to see a photo or photos of your mini intruder as I have been kicking around the idea of building some of the same myself.

    I have been working on a crawfish for the last week or more, here is CrawTube prototype about #27 its getting close to being a final product;



    There are lots of nice patterns posted on this thread keep them coming gentlemen.

    Tight line regards,
  2. I think your recent attempts are home runs, well done! The first pattern listed is truly exceptional is it your own pattern?

    Nice work!

  3. Thanks, they are my own patterns. That first one I call my "articulated TrimBag Spey". But let's forget about my tyes...that crawfish pattern of yours is unbelievable! I've never seen such a realistic crayfish fly! I can feel the hours invested in that beauty! How will it ride - hook point up?
  4. Thankyou. I am still working on some more revisions. I have weighted it with tungsten barbells under the mono eyes on the bottom side of the tube with the idea that it will ride point up and also that you can get down and dredge with it. If you look at the first photo closely you can see the gold barbell between the middle and front legs.

    Your articulated Trimbag Spey has sweet blend of colors, texture and proportion. It also makes me pleased with my decision to skin a Starling the other day I am now eager for it to dry so I can go to work on it.

  5. You guys are all SICK. Damn, I'm saving all the posted photos. That mud bug looks like the ones we raised in my uncle's pond down in Louisiana. I bet any fish who has ever seen a crawfish will eat the hell out of that.
  6. Whow doo. That's the best Crawfish I've seen.
    Good stuff.
  7. Yeah, that really is an amazing crawdad. Nice work.
  8. I'm working on a really simple lure that my non-fly fishing brother-in-law
    asked me to tie for for his Ice fishing habit. Its called a Flu Flu.
    A 1/32 oz weighted jig head on a #8 hook witha some maribou
    and colored hackle feathers and it's done!

  9. Not fly tying. Woodworking for fly tying. After about 35 years of tying I have gone into an intensive woodworking/cabinet making program to outfit by dream fly tying room. It's a total organization program.

    Mostly using walnut and Honuras mahogany. Rod cabinets, tying storage, files, dedicated materials cabinets and the ultimate tying bench. Kids or now grown and married. Once completed I do not know if I'll leave the room for anything other than fly tying. When complete I'll post a photo set.
  10. RF, don't wait, show some pics now, more as it progresses and some when done or send us locals your address so we can come and check it out. I'd love to totally outfit my tying area to dedicated cabinets and such. Very envious.
  11. XD - You have got some mad skills man. Have you considered making the claws a little smaller? I recently read a book called Smallmouth Strategies for the Fly Rod by Will Ryan. He has a separate chapter for many different target foods of river-dwelling bass (one for helgramites, one for baitfish, one for crayfish, etc...). Anyhow, he has a great discussion in the crawfish chapter about the ratio of claw size to body size, and the frequency that bass will attack the different profiles.

    According to his research (or the research he cites), bass hit the small-clawed bugs with a lot more frequency and voracity. I guess they don't like to contend with the likelihood of getting bit. He even tells stories about pinching the claws off live crawdads when he used to be a bait fisherman.

    I think the natural tendancy of all tiers (myself included) is to tie the claws big--because that dominates our idea of what a crayfish looks like. I switched up my approach last fall (key crawfish time in southern streams) and had a lot more success with my crawfish patterns--and the hits were voracious...
  12. Checkin' out some material and color combos for clousers.

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  13. Jim, I like that green/silver/orange one, I've used some similar to that and had some success on coho. Why not tie me up a demo set and I'll try them out locally.
  14. Here's a link to what I've been working on,
  15. I know the coho love that burgundy foxhair over a lighter color, most of my SRC have been on olive or chartreuse, but I'm looking forward to trying out the blue and orange one just because it's weird and I want to see what strange combos will catch fish.

    Jesse: cool device. I read about an outing with vets as well some time ago. Great work being done there.
  16. I'm trying to get my new box in order. But here are a couple that I've done....scratch that, here's one. And I'll post the box, which is getting fuller.

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  17. Nice tie and box full of ties Buck. I just realized that several of my stainless steel cotter pins fit into the tube fly attachments for my nor-vise. When inserted I can tighten the set screw and hold them firmly without having to try to clamp onto just the long tag end half. I'm pretty excited about that. Not sure what the end results will be, I won't be able to wrap all the way to the end, but I think overall it will be a good thing.

    I tied up five tube flies last night, three for pinks and two black over olive baitfish. Might have come up with a box idea for the tubes holding them in place. I am using one of my clear top wal-mart plano boxes with quilting T pins put through from the rear of the tube and then into the foam to hold them in place. One large box looks like it will hold about 20 to 25 flies, lots of hooks and some various beads (strung onto another set of T pins) to put before the flies for some wobbly eat the hell out of me action.

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