What beaches are good right now?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by hank_12, May 10, 2009.

  1. Glenn Kramer New Member

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    Anyone need some shrimping hot spots! RF
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    :rofl: RF, only if you are pulling the pots! I'm sure that I'm not man enough to go a whole day pulling pots by hand from 200'+ depths. My girls like me constantly pulling crab pots when we go out. I have to set them far apart so I get adequate soak time by building in distractions and distance.

    I would not mind finding a few pubilc access points on Bainbridge if you don't mind sharing. i know a few but with all that shoreline it would be nice to know more.
  3. Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

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    Ed try Ft. Ward Park. and the Lynnwood Beach. Also Fay Bainbridge State Park on the North end of the BI.
  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Check, Check, Check. I've fished and like the access at each. Thanks Gene.
  5. Glenn Kramer New Member

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    Gene kindly mentioned them all, for prawns (closed now though in Area 10 as far as I know) Fay Bainbridge is close to very good prawn fishing. About 200' away. But this ramp is marginal. Like Normandy! I use a hauler, I too had kids and hauled by hand in those past days. U G L Y scene. I distracted them by piling some sand in the skiff so they could play with their toy trucks. RF
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    RF, I'm pretty sure the marginal ramp at FB is closed.

    The web is an interesting place when fishing locations. Some people choose to kiss and tell others don't. But I agree, it is someones choice to share with others. I have a piece of Steelhead water on the Cowlitz that Creekside sent "steelheaders" to for years. I can't say it made me happy to have lots of noobs beating the river to a froth but I don't own the river. The problem I had was not telling them to step, cast, step, cast,..... Start at the top or find another piece of water. You have to be willing to look but general hints can be nice, most of you started with them also.

    If someone comes out and asked a legit question, don't play seagull and shit on his head. Just fly way knowing what you know, if you don't like it. Otherwise like this thread you keep it alive.
  7. Jason Shutt Dues past due

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    I'll admit, it took me a long time to get into the sport because I had only met the 'exclusive' kind of folks, and I wanted nothing to do with them.

    Then I moved here and had some excellent 'inclusive' guys take me into their circle, show me around the local beaches/lakes and give me flies and countless pieces of insight. I know it's a 2-way street, yet all I had to offer was gas money, some beer, and whatever kind of company I bring to the dynamic.

    There's got to be a healthy balance between giving away too many club secrets and being a total jerk. Suggesting the search function and buying an atlas would be just that. Oh, and network your way into a circle of folks that you can fish with. The world will open up right in front of you.

    But there's a good point in this thread about access, so my question for you all is what are the laws regarding walking down a beach that was accessed via a public access? There's courtesy involved, sure, but what else if anything? I know I'm probably going to take heat for asking a dumb question considering nobody owns the salt, but hey, I just want to make sure I'm not offending my neighbors so that I'm welcome to return time and time again.

    And RF, as a teacher here, I enjoy the benefit of a that teacher-without-kids schedule. If you're ever looking for some company around the water, I'll bring the beer.
  8. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    You mentioned in an earlier thread that naming specific places will lead to shoulder to shoulder fishing. Well, several of the places you mentioned will be this summer. I can guarantee that someone will have a Gazetteer out tonight looking for some of the locations mentioned in this thread.

    Look at Doc's for example. The number of people fishing it has increased greatly since the park went in. Not to mention folks walking directly behind your backcast. I wonder how many people that fish it now did so before the park was built and you had to walk there from the old bridge? The fact is there weren't many, having fished there for over 40 years.

    There is nothing wrong with sharing information on techniques, equipment, flies etc. I'm just not a believer in giving out specific saltwater spots, whether well known or not. About as specific as I'll get regarding the salt is something like "MA 10 beach report".
    Part of the fun of our sport, at least for me is discovering new areas to fish. If you need instant gradification, the internet will certainly help you achieve that.
    Cheers and best of luck hooking up some SRC's. ptyd
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    I think both sides can be equally served...As someone new to the salt fly...and driving down from the border it helps to read and then try and find some of these spots..Still have no idea where any of it is as I don't know the area but do store the info. on the slight chance my old brain will remember IF I go by one...talk and ask through pm's etc.

    Knowing nothing I still cringe at the thought of naming any spot on the internet..If you equate to river fishing...Some buddies for fun had caught a couple coho's and on the way home stopped at another spot and took pictures with a dam visible in the background...That is a very identifying feature to that river obviously..They got flamed over it as the next few days on that flow saw an increase of a couple hundred guys...where by the way there was no fish...Funny as hell in a way but also show's the power of the internet...

    Up here the beach fishing has died off to a degree where the guys that have had success will warn you to not open your mouth or fear retaliation..but there aren't miles and miles of beaches you can fish, that have fish...One guy opening his mouth in a fly shop can ruin what's left of the Salmon beach fishing so while it's somewhat obvious if you drive by, god help you if you did a post and blabbed it...

    Wish I lived close to a beach that had fish...other then dogs and flounder...
  10. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    It sounds like people are getting to lazy to check things out for themselves. Where is this and where is that, what rock do I stand on. What ever happened to going out and looking for yourselves.

    When I started out fishing all I had was a good map and I found many, many spots to fish and clam dig or go crabbing. I didn't need the internet to ask all these questions. By asking these questions you put off many people from giving out places to go. I know that I want to clam up.

  11. Dizane Coast to Coast

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    Yo Hank_12....

    you still out there?
  12. atdwash New Member

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    I think we scared Hank away from fly-fishing. That should be great news for some of you. Either that or he can't answer because he is out fishing our favorite beaches right now. :eek:
  13. miyawaki Active Member

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    Now that you have some places you won't have to call or email me anymore.

  14. Chester Allen Fishing addict and scribbler

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    I'll wade into this....
    I've fished sea-run cutts on Puget Sound since 1996, and I pretty much had to find my own spots. It wasn't tough -- I got a good map and looked for public beaches. I also wasn't afraid to ask someone with a private beach whether I could fish. Some people said yes, some said no and one person just shut the front door.

    I found some really good books, and those answered some questions. Folks at good fly shops answered other questions -- and still do. And, I made some friends who have taught me a lot. State fish biologists also helped out a lot-- and still do.

    The first thing everyone taught me was that finding beaches -- and then learning them at different stages of the tide -- is one heckuva lot of fun -- and it makes you a better angler.

    They also taught me that other people need to go through the same process.

    In my newspaper column, I write about sea-run cutts a lot. I do the same on my blog. Why? Well, cutts are the best wild trout fishery in the state, and certainly the best wild trout fishery I've ever seen near a major metro area. These fish need friends -- like Les Johnson, Leland Miyawaki and others on this board.

    I write about cutts a lot -- and how to find and fish for them -- but I don't share spots. I don't want to wreck anyone's fun -- or feeling of discovery -- when they scout out a new beach -- or even the riprap at a marina -- and find cutts. I also know that cutts remain a delicate fishery, and I don't want to see my favorite beaches get loved to death.

    There are miles and miles of beaches to fish -- particularly if you own a boat or kayak. If you don't, this is still one big Puget Sound, and there are lots of spots to explore and learn. The exploring is the best part of all of this for me -- and there is no better way to live than by the rhythm of the tides....
  15. DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

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    It may not seem fair, but saltwater beaches (except the most famous) should never be mentioned in posts on the internet. If the fishing is hot, the exact location should really never be posted on the internet. Learning the salt takes patience, skill, curiousity, time, and a network of fishing buddies. I cringe at the thought of someone publishing a book with maps of their beach "hotspots" someday.

    The right thing to do is to make some friends on this website, or better yet on the beach, and start fishing with them. Earn their respect and trust, and you will learn far more than by trolling the internet. For those who have benefited from the trust of others on this site, you should respect and be thrifty with that knowledge and not blurt it out all over cyberspace.

    I'm saying this not because I think salt water fly fishing is elitist, but I want to protect why it is special. If you doubt me, go to Bush Point the last week of August or Hoodsport in November and witness the future you will create for your treasured beaches.

    The next time you are having a great day of fishing, surrounded by no one but herons and the raven trying to peck the eyes out of the fat hatchery silvers you bonked, be happy and content. Share your experiences, tactics, flies, and love for the sport online. The new guys need inspiration and a point in the right direction, not the democratization of all beach knowledge.
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    B.S. buddy...I'm still waiting to pry you out one of these days....Who else would have started this journey and now my own trying those poppers on every river I hit...

    That and the fact that you've forgotten more then I'll probably ever know...

    p.s. I still don't know where the hell these guys are talking about...bawling:
  17. Kerfwappie Member

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    First of all, you mentioned Normandy Beach. If you're a D-Day Veteran, then first let me thank you on behalf of myself and my family for the sacrifices and hell you endured to protect our freedoms. There is no way I could ever repay the debt I owe you for that. As far as I'm concerned, you can fish anywhere, anytime you want. I would gladly relinquish any beach I'm fishing for you.

    That being said, I live near one of the beaches you mentioned. I earned that hot spot, by studying the tides, observing the the fish and their feeding patterns, and negotiating with my neighbors for access.
    My fear is, now that you've let it out on the WORLD WIDE WEB that it's a good spot on an ebb tide, the rest of the fly fishing community will come walking up the beach to fish in this small (1 or 2 person) hole, and my very accommodating neighbors may not appreciate the increased popularity of THEIR beach (it is a privately owned beach), and it may impact my accessibility. I agree with DimeBrite and others, help by teaching technique and tackle, but territory needs to be earned. I surely would not give up my treasured chantrelle picking grounds to just anyone, nor would I give up my deer and elk hunting grounds. I would however share what I've learned about how to be successful at hunting both to anyone interested.
    The fun and excitement in this sport is learning the fish... their habitat and behavior. It's about more than just catching them.

  18. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Some of you guys talk to much. Roger is right on and tight lipped as he should be and you all should be. Don't tell me about thousands of miles of beach available to fish. You are full of sh_t! There are 114 miles of shoreline in Kitsap County. About 10 miles of it is public! Give me a break. I have fished cutthroat here before you were probably born. Mostly by myself on vacant beaches. I happened upon an old beach I use to fish about 2 years ago and found myself watching a frigging guide service with his client walking by. First time in 45 years! That was two years ago. I stopped out there with a friend about 4 months ago. There were 9 stinking fly fisherman on the beach! That's what being a "blabbermouth" on here is all about! Don't tell me there are no secrets. Bullsh_t! :mad:
  19. DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

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    Amen brother. There are only so many miles of beach with public access, and the private beaches that tolerate us will not continue to do so if things get overly crowded. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Share only with the proven blood brothers of the salt.
  20. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Hey DimeBrite, right on. Check out my new "signature". Thanks! :thumb: