What beaches are good right now?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by hank_12, May 10, 2009.

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    Re Puget Sound guide services. This season I've seen one company in particular working the south sound and Kitsap areas a lot. However the funny thing is they consistently find the worst water on whichever beach they're fishing, their clients have never had a stripping basket and rarely a shooting head. What a waste of $425!

    Buy a Gazeteer, full tank of gas and get out there. This is half the fun of it! I guarantee you that if all you do is ask questions online you're missing a lot of fun and will fail to learn about a lot of good water.
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    But Chester, you're one of the really sane people who enjoy this site. We all have our favorite spots and I have met a certain "older" flyfisher who speaks glowingly about his private fishiong spots. He talks about the fish he catches and the frequency he goes but he always ends his conversation with me with, " but I don't know you well enough yet to take you with me."" It doesn't bother me because I have some "private" fishing spots too and I don't give anything but generalities either. I often talk about spots I would never fish just to throw others off a bit. Fish move and to be a good fisherman, you have to learn the movements. It's just a big dance, right?
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    A brotherhood is fine if that is what you want. I spent my pre-kid years hiking up and down beaches, fishing toward beaches from my boat and getting tidbits of guarded information (probably mostly crap to lead me away from where guys like to fish themselves). I've been given info from guys about the best spots even though I just observed them fishing in totally different places and catching fish. These brothers did not take well to being asked questions. If I followed all of their "advice" I likely would never have caught any fish from the salt water at all. I do not know much. I've never been taken to anyone's secret waters. I've also never lied outright to lead someone in the wrong direction despite their eagerness to put in the work. I have passed and spoken to many fly anglers during my mere eight seaons fishing the beach. There is a fair number of them who heard me clearly but pretended that I was not there, would not speak, greet or even tell me to STFU. If that is your brotherhood then let it rest with you as you take it to your grave. If your brotherhood is one of sharing tales, trading flies, giving tips and exchanging information then I'm down with that brotherhood for sure. WFF where fly anglers can come and share information.
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    Atleast this post is allowing me to see who i will never take fishing nor share info with. I have been too trusting in the past with people that i thought were friends and honorable, and have been burned by it. It wont happen again. There are a finite number of great cutthroat spots and I'll be damned if I'm going to give up those areas to just anybody, and especially not everybody on the internet.
    And while i could point people to several other spots that i never fish, i could be pointing them to someone elses spot that they have worked hard to figure out. I;m not going to give up that guy's places just like i wont give up my own. Spots are too precious to be disrespected.
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    The brotherhood is not thinking "what can I get out of this guy who is nailing fish on the beach everytime I see him". It's about making friends, exchanging stories & flies, and providing pointers for those who are getting started. When I fish our beaches I "know" almost everyone out there. I don't know them by name necessarily, rather I have been where they are or I am trying to reach their level of skill. It is the journey not the destination that we are sharing out there.
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    Very good points. Also from DryFlyLarry and Dimebright. Seriously, there are many beach spots that are better fished alone or with only one or two other fishers. There is actually only one sweet spot to cast into the rip at one of my favorite spots, and if I see someone else there when looking thru my binocs, then i don't walk to that spot, because I know I'll just end up standing 100 feet away from it if someone else is there, hoping they'll move or leave soon. Likewise, if I get there first, I don't like to get crowded.
    And it takes time and gas to get to the parking just to check it with the binocs.

    I should tighten up my act a little. I've been only asking that people I share info with be very careful about whom they share it with. I've been slipping. I've been tossing out names of some of the general places I go probably a little too freely, but so far i haven't noticed an increase of fishers. Thats likely only because most of my spots, except for most lakes and the ocean beaches, are off the beaten path and often require some effort to get to. I try not to name exact locations or hotspots. For example I can't believe that anyone would give up gps coordinates to a real "hot spot" as is solicited for on that cheesy other site, WA Lakes-dot-com.

    On the rare occasions that I have had other people along in my boat fishing my local cutthroat water, I don't always mention which spots we are fishing are the more consistent ones for finding cutts. We could be working one of the better holding areas and I might say, "Hmmm, sometimes I can find one here. Its worth a cast or two."
    I don't say stuff like "This is by far one of the best cutthroat spots on the lower river," to just anybody. I have given that kind of stuff up before, but so far have been lucky.

    Unfortunately, I don't have to worry much about fly anglers mobbing my spots around here. Its the local bait anglers who catch more than their limits, and take undersized fish as well, that I dispise, along with the local assholes who keep cutts in Willapa Bay tribs. A lot of them are young macho dudes who like to brag about their poaching and think they are good anglers because they can easily catch gullible hungry cutts on worms or eggs.

    But then there are the crusty old timers who grumble about the restrictions and slyly hide their cutthroat in the streamside grass. They plunk from their folding chairs with nightcrawlers, or troll flashers and bait. Some of them have "secret compartments" in their boat to hide their fish. One guy told me I should rig up such a secret compartment big enough to stash a few cutts. I just laughed at him. These savvy old guys have been around these parts forever, and already know the good spots and I can't hide anything from them. They don't sit at computers and scour the internet for tips. I usually talk with them, and sometimes they give up a tip or two, often bogus.
    These guys already know all the spots. They were there before I came along. I'm the "new" guy.
    One old guy I often encounter on a certain stream always tries to tell me the cutts have been biting better on a nearby OTHER stream.;)
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    A lot of bunched up undies in this thread. Fishing saltwater is not like river fishing. Conditions in the briny are constantly changing with the tide. Not just incoming or out going, but what stage of the tide. Higher high, higher low, etc. I've watched fishermen flog the "hot" water to a froth with the right gear but at the wrong time. People chase fishing reports like lawyers chase ambulances. Far too many 1 or 2 rod wonders with a couple of years experience sitting naked behind a keyboard with only one hand typing. There are thousands of places to fish in the sound. Always keep looking for new spots to fish as eventually every so called hot spot will get discovered by the masses. I've been fishing for over 55 years yet I still constantly look for new places or look at old places at different stages of the tide, or different times of the year. If you thing combat fishing is tough, join one of the military service branches and get to experience what real combat is like.
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    Well said, all of you. When you fish regularly with someone, then you share flies and information. It's hard to give up something that you have spent years building and knowledge is something that you acquire on your own. As my acquaintance said, "I don't know you well enough to tell you that." Then there are others who will share everything just to be sharing so I try to look at both sides of a question. As another friend has told me, "Sometimes, it's okay to hold something back."
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    here's a link to a map of Bainbridge which lists the public beach access points. Not a great PDF but it's somewhat readable. Most of the access points are road ends and limited only to the width of the road. Plenty of spots to check out. Map sponsored by our Non Motorized Committee, great trails map too I might add. Enjoy. http://www.ci.bainbridge-isl.wa.us/island_guide_to_walking_cycling_paddling.aspx

    Favorite spots might be best PM'd to folks, especially if describing the exact stage of tide, etc.


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    POSTED - "SORRY PADDLERS, THIS PARKING LOT FULL DO TO OVERCROWDING AND TOO MANY FISHERMAN" - Contact JohnnyRockfish for other access points and public maps ...Sorry. :beathead:
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    I'm pretty sure I'm getting hassled about posting a link to a PDF that lists over 25 public beach access points around all parts of Bainbridge Island. Now that's funny!