What Books and Videos That Have Improved Your Fly Tying

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  1. What books and videos have improved your fly tying the most?
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  3. YouTube. Seriously.
  4. A.K. Best's Production Flytying
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  5. Jack Dennis,
    Jack Dennis Western Trout Fly Tying Manual

    really helped me with tying Hummpies when i 1st started.
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  6. This is a good one:

    Craven\'s Basic Fly Tying.jpg
  7. I have always like the skip morris tying books...good pics, explanations and good foundation....Spey and Dee flies by John Shewey has had a big impact on my steelheading ties...
  8. Davie McPhail on youtube. Learned a few things I didn't already know from Hans Weillenman videos too. Books? I have so many. And learned virtually nothing from any of them.
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  9. Fly Tying Expos...

    Reedsport, OR (Feb.)
    Albany, OR (Mar.)
    Glide, OR (Sept.)
    Portland, OR (formerly Troutdale, OR) (Nov.)

    They supplements the books and videos nicely... of which I have too many to name.

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  10. Lessons with a good teacher makes me better. Books and videos provide no feedback
  11. Davie McPhail videos on u-tube. Seek out the older videos where he did a bit more explanation of material use, choice and application. His more current videos are also excellent.
  12. +1 for davie that guy explains a lot fI you listen. You gives little tips here and there that are very helpful.
  13. I can't say enough about the high resolution photography and Charlie's exhaustive step by step instructions for beginning fly tyers.
  14. "The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference" . It's almost all there. No fly tier should leave home without it.;)
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  16. All good sources above, but it depends where you are on the tying curve. For me as a beginner Randall Kaufmanns book were a great source. ( "Tying Dry Flies" and " Tying Nymphs")
  17. I used Randall Kaufmann's nymph tying manual a lot during the early years of my fly tying. More recently the Fy Tier's Benchside Reference has helped, but one that is by my tying desk at all times is an older book, "Revised and Enlarged Fly-Tying Tips: Edited by Dick Stewart." Irafly sold me a bunch of books for a great price a couple years ago, best deal I ever had in reading material!!, and this was one of them.
  18. As an adjunct to the above books which are awesome, I just picked this up and am super STOKED, what a cool book with tons of tips and SBS info. Pertinent to both Salt and fresh, this will definitely ramp up my saltwater tying game.

  19. Peter Cockwill's World Fly Finder was my start to do better. Also Davie McPhail and Oliver Edwards inspired me a lot during fly tying.
    Oliver Edward's video Tying the Paradun is a must to see. ( YouTube )

    Hope to get 'The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference' for Christmas.

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