What brand bobber to balance my death star?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by golfman44, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Makes sense, I originally thought you would understand it was a joke but I wasn't positive so decided to remove the Bobber king just to avoid the chance you could take it the wrong way.

    In the end it wasnt even you whi got their panties in a bunch over it anyways, it was that freestone dude. No love lost maestro.
  2. LOLz
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  3. I do not believe Freestone is a "dude". Maybe a "dudette" of the first rate....
  5. Getting your panties in a bunch and then say others shouldn't get their panties in a bunch is, well.......

    Pretty lame!
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  6. Golfman44,

    Don't mess with Freestone! And she's a dudess, not a dude. Most newbs figure this stuff out after a while, and I'm confident you will too.

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  7. The first rule of actually enjoying the internet and forums is:

    Everyone online is a 16 year old boy living in their moms basement eating hot pockets and trolling forums until you meet them in person.
  8. Fair enough.

    I was more so trying to clarify my post since implications were made that couldn't be further from the truth, but sometimes you just can't win. Must be how peyton manning feels right now.
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  9. Personally, I like Freestone just the way she is. Oh, maybe you meant Golfman44.

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  10. I'm actually 17 and I stepped up to the big leagues and now eat digorno pizzas.

    My mom still pre heats the oven tho.
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  11. Sure you are buddy, next thing you know you will be telling us mom let you borrow the car to go on a date.
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  12. The fuck you talking about bro. I got a tricked up razer scooter with custom pegs in the back for a passenger. I roll in style. Bitches love my ride
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  13. I think you guys meant to log into fishchan.
  14. The internet is very similar to real life. When I first started steelheading I'd run into people who wanted to tell you everything you needed to know about the game. At first, I was all ears. And then I realized the people to learn from were those who said next to nothing. After running into those quiet folks a few times, I observed they were usually the ones catching the fish. After they saw that I wasn't always prying them for their information, which they weren't going to give to a greenhorn, they started opening up just a bit. Reading between the lines of what little they had to say was more information than anything the blabbermouths had to offer. Trust was earned and A LITTLE BIT of information was exchanged.

    Back to the internet. It doesn't take too long to figure out whose information is worth reading between the lines and whose is worth skipping past.
  15. i just have a basement full of 16 year olds eating pizza in my basement and i am 26.

    some might think its wierd, buts it not as wierd as nymphing for steelhead
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  16. bout that action boss
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  17. No need to butter me up PT, feel free to ask me any question about chrome roping that you'd like.
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  18. The death star pairs nicely with the red thingamabobber
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  19. Just to make absolutely clear - my suggestion to use these as a bobber:
    Was a serious attempt to help the guy out. I mean...if you gotta stare at something all day...
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  20. Hahaha! That's funny shit right there! You get those at Spencer's?

    Edit: No, seriously were did you get those?

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