What brand bobber to balance my death star?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by golfman44, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Wow! Some of you guys really need to get laid, go fishing, take a toke, adjust your meds, eat some chocolate or something.
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  2. If this forum was strictly about how to where to and what to use, there'd be almost no posting. So, this is almost free entertainment for the majority of us. It costs about $19/month for internet access and I look at that as the cost of my seat in the cheap seats. If people don't like it, don't read it.

    Swinging-- Get it down, keep it down, and bring it across real slow. Change flies to suit your fishing and accomplish intended swing. Skate, dead drift, or grease line if that's your thing. Change bugs and angles to suit. How you read water is where you need time on the water. Reading about it on the internet won't give you that experience.

    Nymphing-- Use your bobber of choice, use weighted flies to get your bug down, or use unweighted whatevers and add the amount of lead to get you there. Add/subtract lead as needed. Adjust leader length to fish the water you're fishing. Change bugs to figure out what they want.

    Pretty sure I just covered both the basic version and intermediate/advanced course of both swinging and nymphing.
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  3. Let it go PT. Your arrogance and juvenile tough guy demeanor is nauseating. The NW Is full of renown steelhead guides and authors, what they work very hard to do to express years of experience and study in a book or video, you claim you've wrapped up in a single post. Maybe you should put that on a leader wallet.

    How's that for entertainment for ya? You can reply with a "like" if you must...if not I'll assume you took this personal.

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  4. JW, I'm not sure how to take that so I think I'll just be offended.

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  6. This guy gets it. Bravo sir.
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  7. Did someone say chocolate?
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  8. I'm taking my Rum to basement to tie flies and pass out. You guys are retarded.
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  9. Just added a dart board to my man cave in the garage. I have two cases of henry's, and will be tying flies. While watching a recording of the superbowl. Come on over everyone. Beer is on me.
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  10. We are retarded?!?!

    WTF dude, who the F are you?!" Some young, wet-behind-the-ears newbie who somehow thinks he has the street cred to dis a respected senior member of not only this website but of the NW fishing community, a person who has dedicated his life and career to roping chrome and who has caught more steelhead (under a bobber) than you'll ever catch by any method save gill netting. Give me a break. If you want people on WFF to respect you, knowing what and who you are talking about before you post would be a good start.
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  11. Well played. Retard. :D

    Turns out I am scheduled to watch Shakespeare tonight. Passing out/tying flies is later.
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  12. I read the whoooooole thing. I think I'm gonna get sick.:eek:
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  13. For as long as man has pursued steelhead with a fly rod there has been an understanding that it was an endeavor to be endured as much as enjoyed. It's not easy that's why we do it. When that endurance in rewarded it's not a reward based on much skill, a little yes but not much it's a reward based on patience.

    if your method of fishing seeks a reward not based on persistence and patience well then you are not out for the same accomplishment as some of the rest of us.

    it takes nothing to catch a steelhead using a bobber and a jig. I know I have done it it's as easy and brainless second only to plunking. ( i have plunked before too and enjoyed it) Sorry but it's true. Now that is not a condemnation of the method just a statement of fact.. The reason so many guides do it whether for steelhead or trout is because they know that people of little angling ability can still catch a lot of fish and that put money in their pockets.. Again that's statementof fact not condemnation.

    Some people want steelheading to be quick and easy and they get their reward in a lesser accomplishment of charecter.

    Other people want a connection with steelheading history, heritage and culture and a great reward for a great accomplishment.

    Some people want to option to do both depending on their mood..

    catching a steelhead on a bobber and jig and calling it fly fishing is like abducting a woman keeping her in your basement and calling her your girlfriend.

    feel free to fish as you wish it does not matter to me but it is not the same accomplishment.

    it would be like taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain then telling everyone you finally made it to the top, implying some great effort of character and will that did not take place.
  14. From where I sit, there are different levels with each method. For me personally, it's more difficult to nymph with lightly weighted nymphs suspended under a small indicator vs. throwing a jig or several split shot and a bead under an indicator (or bobber or whatever you want to call it), or nymphing with a lightly weighted nymph sans indicator if you want to take it a step further. Likewise with swinging, anyone can throw on section of T-whatever and and slap a steelhead right in the face with a larger intruder or whatever...really not much difference than swinging a weighted blue fox and smacking that same steelhead in the face with it. Or, throwing a lightly weighted fly on a dry line and utilizing actual line management skill to get that fly down into the zone. Or, if you really want to take it a step further and throw a skater in the middle of winter. Point being, not all nymphing is created equal and not all swinging is created equal...but, most are just afraid to admit it (or seem to be).
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  15. Rob may be surprised, having written me off as a filthy philistine, but I agree with this 100%. I take this as not judgmental, but analytical. I was going to whine about exceptions to Robs statements, but that would just be me flapping my virtual gums.

    - Bobber fishing is easy (in as much as any form of steelheading is easy). Like Rob said, that is why so many people do it.
    - I could argue about it being flyfishing or not (and I go back and forth), but in FF only waters in WA, bead/bobber would not qualify.
    - Swinging is a lot of fun, and I too enjoy the accomplishment of a well tied fly swung for angry steelhead. It is also deadly effective, once you sort out a few things.

    Thanks Rob, that was great stuff.
  16. This thread is amazing and amazingly useless. It does, however, serve as a somewhat decent reference of who and who not to fish with.

  17. When was the last time a thread on a fly fishing forum was anything other than useless? you think this is bad you should try Ifish.
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  18. Umm...today. Saw an interesting thread about waders. Looked at patterns a reforming gear angler is tying to fuel his passion for flyfishg. Lots of good stuff, even recently. Some lively chats about public access, hatchery management.

    It's not all bad.
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  19. David might not want to call you out, but I will and tell you flat out that your ideas of fact are in fact opinion. The concepts of ease and brainless are inherently opinion and not fact. Not meant as a condemnation, just fact. As far as an understanding that pursuing steelhead has always been only about endurance as well as enjoyment, you are again wrong. Wrong again that we do it because it is hard. You do it for your own reasons, maybe you do it because it is hard, but others have their own reasons. "Lesser accomplishment of character." You must be joking right? If you are not, than I'd say you are the one who shows a lesser accomplishment of character.

    Have you read Pat Lats post about working out the kinks in his fly fishing gear? Notice how it didn't turn into a debate? Why? Because indicator fisherman don't care how other people fish. It is only people like you who think you need to judge others for the way they fish and call it less than what you do. In my opinion, that makes you a loser.
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  20. Sure to become a classic with an "outa' the park" hit like this:

    "catching a steelhead on a bobber and jig and calling it fly fishing is like abducting a woman keeping her in your basement and calling her your girlfriend."

    Also, it couldn't have been a more suitable post for a thread titled as this is.

    Since I'm philosophically opposed to fishing with ice in my guides, I appreciate the entertainment.

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